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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Your Guide to Bike Registration Check in Pakistan

Your Guide to Bike Registration Check in Pakistan

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Thu, Sep 9, 21, 02:21, 5 Months ago
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All About Bike Registration Check in Pakistan

Recently, the Government of Pakistan announced the introduction of an online method to do a bike registration check. This has made checking the ownership of a motorcycle easy; however, there are some individuals who still find the process to be a little bit confusing. 

To cater to the individuals mentioned above, we have prepared a guide, so that you can easily do a bike registration check, the next time a traffic police constable stops you and asks for your documents. 

While we are at it, we will also guide you on how to check your motorcycle registration ownership through offline platforms. 

Let’s start! Shall we?

Online Bike Registration Check in Pakistan

The online bike registration check process has made it quite easy for the owner of a motorcycle to verify the registration details. The verification process is quite simple and easy to follow. The Excise and Taxation department of a province is responsible for registration and verification of a vehicle. Each province has their department, and their official website through which you can easily do the entire process online. 

Before we tell you how to go about the process, let us tell you the websites you need to visit in order to verify your vehicle. 

For the individuals in Sindh

Website used for online bike verification in Sindh:

For the individuals in Punjab

Website used for online bike verification in Punjab:

For the individuals in Khyber Pakhtu Khwan

Website used for online bike verification in KPK: 

After you have reached the relevant website, you need to follow a few additional steps to get your bike verified. These websites will contain a form, with few blank fields. Fill the form with relevant information, and make sure there are no spelling mistakes. 

The information the excise department would require from you, would be the vehicle number or the registration number. In this field you will enter the alphanumeric digits that you can find on the number plate of your bike.

Hit search after writing the digits from your bike’s number plate, you will then be redirected to a page that contains all the information you were looking for, at the start of the process.

Information Received after Verification

If you are reselling your bike, the new owner of the vehicle would require the following information to you, in order to determine the legitimacy of the transfer:

  • Owner’s name
  • Registration details of the vehicle
  • Engine number of the vehicle
  • Engine capacity of the vehicle
  • Chassis number of the vehicle
  • Year of registration of the bike
  • Vehicle tax details 
  • Company name
  • Model of the bike

Bike Registration Check via Mobile Application

Similar to the online method this feature is available for the individuals who wish to complete the process without hassle.  However, only people from selected regions can check their bike registration and view their registration details via a mobile application. 

To get the registration details via this method, all you need to do is enter the vehicle registration number among other required information. 

You can easily find and download these applications through Google Play Store, Apple’s Play Store and Huawei Mobile Services. 

Bike Registration Via SMS

The residents of Punjab can also get their bike registration verified through SMS. All you need to do is send a simple text message to CPLC. Follow the below mentioned guidelines to get your bike registration details via SMS:

  • Open the text message application on your mobile phone
  • Type in the bike registration number
  • Send the message to 8785 
  • You will receive a reply containing all the necessary information

The information you will receive through this method is slightly different as compared to the information you will receive through the online method.

The information received will contain:

  • Owner’s name
  • Company of the bike
  • Model of the bike
  • Color of the bike
  • Registration year
  • Engine number
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Validity of tax and token
  • Issuance status of computerised number plates

This brings us to an end on our blog about bike registration check. Hope this blog helps you the next time you are stuck in a traffic related situation or need to verify the ownership of your vehicle.



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