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Corporations have turned up a notch and are now using different means to communicate with the public. Now, you will find them diving headfirst into the animation world. Everyone these days prefers animated marketing videos instead of live-motion commercial ones. Plus, they are entertaining and get the job done in no time.

Further, you can easily make anything complex easy to understand. Therefore, it is time to check out some best animation services in the USA to make an everlasting impression. Bring versatility to your business and increase your brand image!

Which style to choose?

The animation world has so much to offer us. Choose from the following styles to outwit your contemporaries:

1: Explainer Videos

If you want to explain your product or service, explainer videos are the right way to go about it. What’s more, you can even explain any complicated procedure to a novice first-time user efficiently. An explainer video has clearly defined CTAs (Call to Actions) that quickly bring the topic to the forefront. For them to be effective, they need to be short and precise; around 30 to 45-seconds long.

2: Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation can use black and white or colored schemes. In it, a hand sketches a picture and tells a compelling visual story. With beautiful sketches and characters, a corporation can tell its story to spread out far and wide. It is also a doodle video and is effective when you want to bring new customers into your network.

3: 3D Animation

One cannot neglect the power of 3D animation. Now, you will see it in every sphere of marketing. Create a brand story and design a 3D animated mascot that communicates with the audience. Moreover, you can give a realistic design of the product you are about to launch. What words and reports cannot do, 3D visualization can do that in a few seconds!

4: Infographics

Infographics educate viewers about a process or product/service via attractive visual elements and colorful graphics. Some design elements include charts, graphs, and catchy taglines. So, how about you go with animated infographics? An animated infographic video can create flavorful content for your viewers to digest! Instead of making an infographic poster, go one step ahead and create an animated infographic video.

Here is why you need it!

Now that you have seen what types are available in the market, it is time to use them! But why do you need it in the first place?

1: Customer Experience

We worry that customers will find our rivals to be the best and take a drastic shift. It would help if you adapted to changes and sudden demands before your competitors got an edge. Therefore, staying up-to-date is the key here. An enhanced customer or user experience is one where the user interface is friendly and easy to understand. And what is more futuristic and friendly than animated video content that speaks to your customers?

2: Improves Site

An animated video can be a great asset if you want to increase site traffic. Therefore, employ this content on your landing pages or home page where the customer is bound to go. Not only will it improve your overall outlook, but it will also increase your customer base. Overall, it will enhance your brand image and increase your ROI (return on investment).

3: Build Credibility

A corporation needs to look credible enough to its stakeholders. And attracting investors is always a dilemma. So, why not use animated videos to attract them all? Create an authentic look that surpasses the expectations of your stakeholders and contemporaries alike. Therefore, find the best animation services in the USA and build strong foundations for your business!

4: Showcase your Selling points

Instead of relying on paperwork and a tremendous amount of reports, why not use animation to showcase your strong points? No matter the topic, video content can enhance visibility and presentation. Whether you want to launch a product or create an emotional advertisement to bring brand awareness, do it using animation. What’s more, you can demonstrate your products efficiently along with their strong and positive aspects.  

5: Keep it Simple

Video content should be short. Longer videos become tiring, and your customers can lose interest if the video is prolonged. Try to make your content around 30 to 45-seconds long and avoid hitting the 2-minute mark! Further, because of its simplicity, the video can be reusable! So you can use it on various platforms with ease. Your goal should be to make engaging content that readily captures your audience.

6: Saves your Cost

Yes, animation can save you costs! We lose our bucks over simple and overdone live-motions commercials and advertisements that have nothing to offer. You can attract customers and investors by employing animation in your promotional content. Also, these videos can be reused when you want to relaunch a product. Therefore, it is a one-time investment that can protect your fortune!


In the end, your business must be forward-looking. So why not make animation your promotional tool? From explainers to 3D animated videos, enhance your corporate branding efficiently. Choose from various animation styles to please your stakeholders and leave an indelible mark in the corporate world!

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