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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Why Should You Avail Machinery Loan On A Timely Basis

Why Should You Avail Machinery Loan On A Timely Basis

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Sat, Jun 26, 21, 18:16, 8 Months ago
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Why Should You Avail Machinery Loan On A Timely Basis


Machinery is the direct support of any business that uses it. Formulating an industry dependent on machinery is not an easy task. The requirement of meeting the daily manufacturing targets to meet the demands of your products is relatively high. Hence, you should keep your machinery updated.


However, in most cases, the units do not have the funds to upgrade the machinery. This is precisely when you should know about financing by machinery loan and the benefits they offer. Machinery loans could be the game-changing equipment financing for expanding your business.


MSME is defined as a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise. The Government of India introduced it in 2006 by the MSMED act. MSME loans are loans offered by several financial institutions without any collateral to meet various business-related needs.


According to India and the RBI government, MSME loans are for business enterprises to support them in terms of financing, infrastructure, and other areas. Machinery loans fall under the category of MSME loans.


Machinery loans help you to obtain financing to buy new equipment for your business. It improves your business's productivity without affecting its normal operations. Listed below are some perks machinery loans bring with them:


Get A Huge Support In One Go: You can avail of loans of as high as 20 lakhs or more in one go. This money could be used either to purchase new machinery or for upgrading the old setup.


Higher Productivity and Improved Quality: By upgrading with new technology at your disposal, you can produce more units in a lesser amount of time. It helps you to reach the benefits of more excellent sales and provide your customer the services promptly.


The apparent benefit of availing machinery load is that you get products of improved quality. This will, in turn, increase the trust of your customer in your products.


Avail Funds Instantly: The most valuable asset of ours is time, and so, in machinery loans, funds are distributed far quicker than others.


You can expect funds to be transferred to your bank account as soon as 24 hours, which makes sure that you do not waste any time using the finances to boost your business


Facilities of Insecure and Easy Terms: The biggest perk of a machinery loan is that you need not arrange for a guarantor or collateral in the form of property or other assets.


The loan is available in complete collateral-free terms. Moreover, the loan policies are highly transparent, with no hidden surprises.


Quick Turnout Period: Another perk of the loan is that the upgraded machines will help complete orders on time. This will help you not miss your deadline and help build a reputation in the target market.

Flexible Loan Facility:  The Flexi Loan facility is a unique feature that allows you to use the loan on your terms. You can withdraw funds when the need arises from the total Flexi Loan sanction.


The only thing you do is pay the interest on what you use, so rest assured that you will not pay anything extra. Apart from this, you always have the option to pay only the interest on your loan as a monthly installment. You can pay the annual fee at the end of the tenor.


Quicker Loan Approval: If you take machinery loan from the lender you have already been a customer of, you can avail of it on a pre-approved basis, which means you do not have to take it the hassle of applying for the loan from scratch. It results in quicker approval of your loan.


Reduced Defects in Products: Since the quality of your product will increase with the new equipment, you can expect lesser defective pieces are reducing your losses. Hence, the cost of repair will also decrease.




With such perks in hand, a machinery loan is the best way to fund your business equipment needs, regardless of whether it's a simple repair or complete renovation.


Availing machinery loans on a timely basis can give you the long-awaited boost to your business. Additionally, you will get an upper hand against your competitor by purchasing new machineries and producing more products than them.


So, what are you waiting for? Go avail your machinery loan now.


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