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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Why Lubricating The Cube Is Important?

Why Lubricating The Cube Is Important?

Thu, Aug 26, 21, 05:12, 2 Months ago
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A Rubik’s cube has been an integral part of the toy arena for quite a long time. No other toy, irrespective of the vast technological advancements that have taken place, could take the position of a simple and magnificent Rubik’s cube. 

The ideology and the development behind the Rubik’s cube was simple, it was to create and craft a cube-shaped twisty puzzle with various equal parts in it that are to be coordinated in a way such that all the pieces with a similar colour of small cubic parts are aligned on the same facet of the cube, which in turn forms an amazing cube with similar faces and parts. 

A Rubik’s cube is the brainchild of Erno Rubik and was developed in 1974. Interestingly the actual purpose behind the development of a Rubik’s cube was not to craft a twisty puzzle but to help children understand the idea of a three-dimensional figure. 

With the coming of a Rubik’s cube, various other different and unique twisty puzzles of higher and beginners level entered the market, thus marking a whole new arena of cubes. 

Rubik’s cube since its onset in the 1980s has stayed one of the most acclaimed and appreciated toys amongst children as well as adults. Although, people at times assume its simplicity by just looking at it, once tried, reaching its solution and completing the cube is definitely no cakewalk in any way. A Rubik’s cube poses a great hurdle to the mind and helps to create a stimulus making it active. 

Solving a Rubik’s cube is a hard nut to crack. With continuous practice of solving a Rubik’s cube an individual gains several benefits. 

With the numerous benefits of a Rubik’s cube, a Rubik’s cube has definitely won the hearts of millions of its users.

At times Rubik’s cube loses its lubrication and becomes difficult to rotate and revolve. The cube becomes rigid and loses its main characteristics that is the ‘twisty’ feature. A lubricant helps the cube to revive and get back to its original feature. A lubricant is that one accessory which is extremely essential for a Rubik’s cube. 

A Rubik’s cube lubricant is a substance that can be used for a puzzle to help make it easier to turn and also helps to make it smoother and slower. Usually smooth and slow turns are preferred in a Rubik’s cube, as it helps to keep sure of the precision and the solution. 

Interestingly, to lubricate a Rubik’s cube, you should put the lubricant either by taking out one piece from the Rubik’s cube and spraying it in the cube, or by scattering its assemble completely and putting the pieces i the lubricant to help them coated into the lubricant completely. After the lubricant is applied on the Rubik’s cube, it is mostly preferred to keep it aside for a while and not start solving the Rubik’s cube immediately after the application of the lubricant. Moreover, It is also advised to not to apply lube to an extremely stiff cube as it would make it even harder to rotate and revolve the cube, which eventually leads to reduce the credibility of the cube. It is recommended, that instead, you should try putting vaseline in the cube, which would eventually after a week or two, help to clean it out and then you can easily lubricate it.

The main reason while lubricating a cube is highly essential is because it rebuilds the cube and reinvents it in a way as if its a new Rubik’s cube. A Rubik’s cube’s main feature is its twist, and lubricant is a main accessory that could help the twisty feature to remain safe. Moreover, it also helps in removing any issues with the cube, this way a Rubik’s cube becomes more durable, effective and efficient.

Also, speedcubing is the main thing that would require lubricating cube and would also make it a necessity. 

To summarize, If you are finding it hard to twist your cube then my friend it's time to start lubricating your cube. Lubrication at times acts as a medication to your old ridden cube. You can find the best lubricants to oil your cube and reinvent its ease and enjoy your journey with cubing. 

Apart from a lubricant there are other major accessories that are essential in order to have a great cubing experience. These are: Cube keychains, these keychains are miniature cubes which can be kept in your pocket and can be traveled and taken anywhere. There are also cubing pads that let you rest your hand while cubing.

You can lay your hands on the speedcubes of any of the above accessories and start with your speedcubing journey with one of the best speedcubing accessories in the world. 

Unable to find these accessories  such as above in the market? Well, no worries. Cuebelo is here to solve all your cube related worries.

Cubelelo is India's leading online cube store, and has best quality cubes from all the brands you could imagine. Moreover, the accessories that you could lay your hands on with cubelelo are immense. So, don't wait and lay your hands on the perfect one. 

Happy cubing!


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