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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Why does my HP printer say, 'HP printer driver is unavailable

Why does my HP printer say, 'HP printer driver is unavailable

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Wed, Jul 14, 21, 07:35, 7 Months ago
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Why does my HP printer say, 'HP printer driver is unavailable'?
If in case your device or printer displays a message saying 'HP printer driver is unavailable', you certainly get into a hurry to solve it as it genuinely hampers your work efficiency and quality simultaneously with costing you much of your precious time.  However, this is a very common issue faced by several HP printer users as the setup that you might have established is not appropriate or lacks some or the other thing. HP printer driver unavailable windows 10 The 'HP printer driver is unavailable' message notifies you of the condition when your printer is unable to detect or recognize a rightful HP printer driver that has been installed by you or the company itself during the setup. A lot of problems arrive if the problem exists as it would not only restrict and hold back your work but would also delay the deadlines by costing you a significant work loss. However, this issue could also be looked at by yourself before reaching out to a repair shop or an expert and we could help you with the same by letting you know of a few promising steps and methods which can assist you for the better working of your HP printer and get rid of the 'HP printer driver is unavailable' issue within a few minutes.
The very first question that would arise in your mind or any other user's mind when they face this ‘HP printer driver is unavailable’ issue is, Why is it even happening? Why does my HP printer say so? 
So, it could happen due to various reasons where your HP printer would abruptly stop taking any of your printing commands or maybe develop issues during printing.
This generally happens when the HP printer driver that has been installed is not correct or appropriate for the functioning of the same. This might also happen if the device which is connected, did not readily accept the printer driver or vice versa.
Method to solve the 'HP printer driver is unavailable' issue in minutes
● Make sure that you first remove the plug or the USB cable that connects your HP printer to the device. 
● Then go to the start menu and select the control panel option by typing in the search bar. Select the ‘programs and features’ on the window that is now opened on your screen and then select all the entries that are under the model name of your specific HP printer. 
● You need to successfully uninstall or remove all such entries that are related to your model number and after doing so go back to the control panel. 
● Now this time select the ‘devices and printers’ option from the available ones and then cancel out all the previous entries to disconnect the device in all manners. 
● After you are done with all these steps, you need to restart your device again by firstly, shutting it down and giving it the rest of about a minute, and then switching it back on.
The next part of this same method is that you could try to re-install the printer driver for your HP printer. However, make sure that the printer driver that you will be installing this time is compatible and suitable for your HP printer. For this, initially uninstall all the existing drivers and entries from your device and then install the appropriate one back.
● In this method, you need to firstly open the run window on your computer or device screen and type ‘device manager’ to open its window on your screen. 
● Now the ‘device manager’ is opened and displayed on your computer screen. 
● Here are a few tabs and options available for your selection. Amongst all the tabs available on the top of the screen you need to select the ‘view’ tab and then click on the ‘show hidden devices’. 
● A list of all the entries is now displayed under the name ‘printer’. This list is nothing else but all the driver software that is presently installed on your device and printer. 
● Now all you have to do is right-click on each of those entries and press the button to uninstall.
● A dialogue box appears after this step wherein you need to click on the ‘delete the driver software for this device’ option. 
● You now also need to look for all those entries that might be present under the ‘printer queue’ and the ‘imaging devices’ tab. 
● In short, you need to delete and uninstall all the existing entries that might have been installed somewhere at some point in time. 
● After the above procedure is done you need to close the window of the ‘device manager’. Now again open the run dialogue box from the Start menu on your computer screen and type ‘printui.exe /s’ and click enter. 
● Select the ‘print server properties’ option available and then select the ‘drivers’ option. You need to now delete all the existing entries from this too.


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