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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Why are your legs numb? Five possible reasons for leg numbness

Why are your legs numb? Five possible reasons for leg numbness

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Thu, Jul 8, 21, 07:22, 4 Months ago
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All of us are familiar with the phrase that “my legs are asleep” or “my legs have fallen asleep” and often use these phrases to describe the numbness and tingling sensations. It often happens when you sit in one position for a while. People don’t take leg numbness and leg pain seriously. Therefore, they avoid visits to Lewisville Joint Pain Treatment centers. Many people also believe that Joint Pain Relief Treatment in Lewisville, TX is primarily to treat arthritis patients and joint injuries.

There are many reasons for experiencing joint pain, leg numbness, and tingling sensation frequently. One needs to book appointments to treat leg pain and numbness in Dallas, TX if the problem exists. Some of the reasons for leg numbness are mentioned below-


1. Poor posture

Poor posture is the most common reason for leg numbness and tingling. If you sit crossed legs or kneeling for a long time, you will feel numbness for a while. The blood circulation is hampered, and your nervous system activity is reduced. It acts as an obstruction between the brain and nervous system communication. 


The leg numbness due to poor posture is also called Paresthesia. You will also notice burning, tingling, and crawling sensations along with leg numbness. One can quickly cure Paresthesia by taking breaks and moving your legs between short intervals. You can try some exercises now and then to get rid of leg numbness due to poor posture.


2. Sports injuries

Sports injuries can also lead to leg numbness as leg injuries are prevalent in the sporting world. For example, a massive tackle before the touchdown in football can easily damage your legs and lower back. Athletes often choose physical therapy for Joint Pain Relief Treatment in Lewisville, TX, to eliminate pain. Some significant sports injuries lead to frequent numbing sensations and excruciating pain. In some cases, athletes go through the phase of temporary or permanent paralysis. Injuries in areas like hips, lower back, spine, ankle, and torso can hamper the nervous system and lead to leg numbness.


3. Sciatica

The sciatic nerves run through the lower back to the legs. It is responsible for the motor and rotary function of the hips and legs. If the sciatic nerve is injured, it is challenging to avoid leg numbness if it is due to injury, slip, fall, or obesity. Sciatica is a term used to describe excruciating pain in the lower back, hips, and legs due to the compression sciatic nerve.

One will suffer the effects of mild sciatica for a week and usually on one side of the body. If the pain and numbness continue, then one needs to go for Lewisville Joint Pain Treatment therapies. It is advised to treat sciatica soon because ignorance will lead to excruciating pain while mild coughing and sitting down for few minutes.


4. Diabetes

Diabetic patients are more prone to experiencing leg numbness. If you have diabetes for a long time, then you need to pay attention to the leg numbness that you go through. The diabetic leg numbness starts from the toes and spreads through your feet in a short while. Leg numbness will reach your shin, it gets worse at night, and both of your legs suffer from numbness. 

Other than the leg numbness, one will also experience poor feet reflexes, pain, muscle weakness, poor balance. People have also complained about pain when someone touches the affected area. Frequents cuts and scratches are also common indicators of diabetes. Leg numbness due to diabetes is called peripheral neuropathy.


5. Multiple sclerosi

Leg numbness is an early sign of Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. Multiple sclerosis affects the central nervous system, spine, legs, brain, and optic nerves. The immune system harms the body tissues and affects the central nervous system. The numbness is extreme, and you cannot feel your legs for a while. If the leg numbness is combined with symptoms like fatigue, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, and fainting, then you need to seek treatment for leg pain and numbness in Dallas, TX. 



Continued episodes of leg numbness should not be taken lightly because it can be the onset of many autoimmune and life-threatening diseases. So, you need to visit the leg numbness experts. You can also choose Chiropractic care to get rid of leg numbness.


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