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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Which company will adopt TSMC's 3nm Process Node first

Which company will adopt TSMC's 3nm Process Node first

Fri, Aug 20, 21, 01:35, 5 Months ago
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TSMC 3NM nodes are expected to be mass-produced in a year, but the rumors about which partner will take the lead in the node. There is a rumor that the 3NM capacity of TSMS has been booked. This year, this year is undoubtedly the most beautiful year. It recently replaced Tencent as the largest technology company in Asia.

Now, which company is company will first adopt a new node, Intel or Apple? From the past, Apple has always been a wise investment object. The rumors from Digitimes have shown that TSME will support Apple's 3nm chip next year. However, there are other reports that Intel will post 3 nm GPU and server kernel. This seems to refer to Ponte Vecchio et al, but the chip has been said to be a 5nm process.

According to ITHOUSE, the core proposition proposed by the "Taiwan Economic Daily" is that TSMC will start shipping next year, and Intel will become its start-up partner. It claims that this is incorrect. The guidelines released a year ago pointed out that it will enter 3nm mass production in the second half of 2022.

It is alleged that TSMC has also retained an extra 3nm capacity for Intel.

Even if TiesyP can push 3 nm technology to the market next year, Ponte Vecchio seems unlikely to be both 5nm and 3 nm designs. TSME uses Intel's high-end servers and GPU products to lead a new node. This idea is also a bit strange. Usually, the foundry will first launch a small design. Apple's various A-level processors are more suitable for new nodes more suitable than the CPU we sometimes see at the top of the Intel Server market. GPUs like Ponte Vecchio are designed for complex integration with other hardware. TSMC and Intel may have chosen to take the lead in launching these products, but both companies are doing this to see history is also very unusual. Even when Intel is unable to dispute in the world's leading position, it also leads the release of the new node with high-end server components.

Not saying that Ponte Vecchio and Intel's other server chips are not 3 nm, but TSMC and Intel have been unusual to launch enterprise hardware in the life cycle of the new node.

3 nm will be the last FINFET node before the TSMC steering GAA (GAT-all- around), which is expected to bring relatively moderate income: at the same level of performance, power consumption reduction is 25-30%, or in the same power Under, performance is increased by 10-15%. The improvement of the two-second nodes, that is, the comprehensive performance of 7 nm to 5 nm, 5 nm to 3 nm, is generally equivalent to the total increase of the TSMO from 16 nm to 7 nm.

Finally, the new report shows that the ordering pressure of TSMC has been very large, and the capacity of 5 nm has been completely saturated, and 3 nm is also booked. Taking into account sustained supply shortages, this is not surprising, which explains why Typical electricity thinks to 2023 by the end of 2022 will only end the current inquiishing situation. The company will take a long time to complete the backlog of orders, and begin to launch the new factory. From the perspective of TSM, the supply is not necessarily mean that the general shortage of the high-priced GPU and electronic products will continue, but it may make the price of consumers to purchase electronics higher than the original. It is hoped that some of the problems in short supply can be alleviated by the node transition. Early adopters like Apple will first adopt 3nm processes to make more 7nm and 5nm capacity for other companies.


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