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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
What Pakistan Has Done For The 4th Wave Of Covid-19…

What Pakistan Has Done For The 4th Wave Of Covid-19…

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Sat, Jul 3, 21, 07:35, 7 Months ago
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Coronavirus has now successfully completed one and a half years in this world. The first case of coronavirus in Pakistan was reported in February 2020, and since then, the country has been through three waves of the pandemic and fears the fourth one.

On Friday 25th of June, Asad Umar, the Minister of Planning and Development, warned the people of Pakistan regarding the fourth wave of coronavirus. He said that if SOPs are not followed properly, the country might enter the fourth wave of the pandemic, which is obviously not an ideal situation for anyone.

According to research conducted by professional thesis writers in Pakistan, National Command and Operations Centre had developed an AI-based disease modeling analysis that suggested that if SOPs are not strongly enforced and the country's lack of vaccinations, the country will undergo the fourth wave.

On March 31, the number of active corona cases in Pakistan surpassed 50,000 during the third wave. However, on April 4, Pakistan had the greatest coronavirus positive rate of 11.63%. The fourth wave warning came while Pakistan was dealing with the third wave of the virus, which struck the nation at the beginning of March and surged around mid-April.


Most limitations in Pakistan have been relaxed since the active virus rates have decreased and the vaccination campaign has been accelerated. However, an evident unwillingness to obey health and safety standards like wearing masks and vaccination reluctance has caused provincial governments to consider severe actions such as restricting cell networks and withholding paychecks of the public servants who are not yet vaccinated.

The federal and provincial governments are trying their hardest to raise awareness by explaining everything, requesting, and finally imposing the SOPs but the population of the country seems to be unfazed.

Pakistan has so far provided approximately 13.5 million doses of vaccinations acquired primarily from China. Anyone above the age of 18 can now register and get vaccinated.

The country registered 1,052 new COVID-19 instances in the last week, increasing the total cases to 956K. The death toll now stands at 22,254, including the deaths of 44 additional people.

As Pakistan has now lifted the lockdown and the restrictions have minimized, the chances of the fourth wave will increase. However, it is not confirmed that the fourth wave will come; the minister has told the nation that if people still didn’t take the pandemic seriously, the fourth wave might come.

Also, now that the vaccination process is started, people have started assuming that corona will magically go away when in reality, we all have to still be extremely regarding the pandemic. Asad Umar reminded the world with his tweet that corona is not over, and if the SOPs are not followed, we might soon enter the fourth wave.

“Reviewed the artificial intelligence-based disease modelling analysis today in NCOC. In the absence of strong SOP enforcement and a continued strong vaccination program, the 4th wave could emerge in Pakistan in July. Please adhere to sop's and vaccinate as soon as possible.”

The government of Pakistan is considering all possible scenarios, and the management personals handling the pandemic come together almost daily to discuss the situation and look for possible ways outs to deal with the pandemic.

Ministers from all over the country are requesting people to take things seriously and take care of themselves and their families. The use of masks and other safety precautions should be followed at all costs. These instructions are for each and every person in the country, even If they are already done with their vaccinations.

The steps taken to eradicate the chance of the fourth wave hitting Pakistan include the vaccination campaign's full acceleration. There are thousands of active vaccination centers entertaining millions of people every day. People should also show responsibility and play their part by getting vaccinated at the earliest possible time to ensure safety from the virus.

The government sure is minimizing the restrictions, but according to Minister Asad Umar, the government will make sure the SOPs are followed, and no mishandling occurs.

However, the government should be careful with whatever steps they take because mostly all the countries that flattened the coronavirus curve saw a surge in the cases after giving related to the restrictions.

Pakistan is a fragile state with a frail economy, and even the slightest of things can take everything south. An extended outbreak may be disastrous for a nation like Pakistan with an unstable public health system, particularly with 89% of its people at risk.                                                                                                                 


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