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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
What are The Most Common Cosmetic Surgery

What are The Most Common Cosmetic Surgery

Wed, Jul 28, 21, 08:04, 6 Months ago
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In the last decade, cosmetic surgery has gained enough popularity all over the world. Cosmetic surgery can improve functional disputes along with the aesthetic outcome. That’s why men and women both love to do cosmetic surgery to sharpen their features and contour their bodies.

The most common cosmetic procedures are mentioned below:

Breast augmentation

It is the most famous surgery women loves to do. The breast is a sign of femininity. Fuller and voluminous, perfect breast size boost up a woman’s self-esteem. That’s why women choose breast augmentation surgery to improve the size and shape of the breast. Women who have small breasts choose breast implant surgery to get a perfect breast according to their body. 

Apart from breast augmentation breast lifts, and breast reduction surgery are also performed by cosmetic surgeons. Where breast lift is performed to improve the saggy breast, and breast reduction surgery resolves the large breast issues of females and males.


The nose is the centre of our face. If it has any kind of impairment, quickly grab the attention, that’s why people take the help of Rhino surgeon. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed to improve the appearance of the nose. If someone has an imperfect nose, flaws in a nose bone, or any functional problems, a cosmetic surgeon recommend rhinoplasty surgery to rectify all nose related problems. Rhinoplasty was also popular as a nose job. A famous rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Kevin Sadati said that the trend of the particular surgery has been increased hundred times in the last decade. Now men and women are equally interested in improving their nose appearance with the help of rhinoplasty.


The colloquial term of abdominoplasty is tummy tuck surgery. This procedure removes subcutaneous fat around the abdominal area, and also tightens the muscle in order to contour your body. This treatment is specifically famous among women who have children, with no more pregnancy planning, and want to tighten up their body structure.  


Here cosmetic surgeons perform dermabrasion with a specialized tool that precisely sands down the top of the skin. Removal of the top layer of skin encourages collagen production. The consequence is younger-looking skin. Dermabrasion is suitable for patients who are struggling with acne scars, Crow’s feet, age spots, sun damage, wrinkles, growth or lesions on the skin.

Hair transplantation

Now hair fall, thinning of hair, baldness is the common problem of men and women. That’s why hair transplantation or hair grafting comes into the place of solution. To cover the baldness of the scalp and improve the appearance, a cosmetic surgeon recommends hair transplant surgery. You must remember that it is not a hair fall treatment. Hair may fall after the transplant procedure. In this grafting treatment, hair is replaced from one area to a bald area.

More than a thousand hairs moved in a single session. Some patients require more than a single session to overcome baldness. 



The medical terminology of Face-lift is rhytidectomy. It is really an aesthetic procedure performed with great degree of precision.  The outcome of facelift surgery is youthful wrinkle free skin.  At the time of facelift cosmetic treatment, cosmetic surgeon lifts your facial tissue, remove excess amount of skin,  and contour your cheeks and jawline. Neck lifts also significant part of facelifts.

 To make a symmetry of your face doctors used to perform eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, and forehead lifting.


Liposuction is mainly a body contouring procedure that improves the structure of the body by eliminating subcutaneous fat deposits. This is not a weight-loss treatment. The adipose tissue of the target area is directly evacuated directly beneath the skin by cannula. The cannula is a vacuum-suction liposuction tool. It is a pen-shaped instrument.

The cosmetic surgeon uses this technique to contour thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks, back, and face. Liposuction is the best treatment to remove lipomas (a fat tumour). It is also applicable to reduce breasts in men.

Cosmetic surgery has the power to make a person look better, boost his self-confidence. Dubai cosmetic surgeons are famous to perform cosmetic surgery aesthetically with a high degree of precision.  Generally, cosmetic surgery is a subtle surgery; hence it should be performed by a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon


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