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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
What are the Initiatives Taken By the Government of UAE for their Educational Sector

What are the Initiatives Taken By the Government of UAE for their Educational Sector

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Fri, Jul 9, 21, 06:14, 4 Months ago
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Education is important to every country and has a great role in the growth and development of a country. We are all aware of the growth UAE saw in the past couple of decades and how rapidly they developed a country that was nothing but a desert.

Surely the oil reserves helped the country in its growth but none of it would have been possible without the educated demographic.

Education surely has the ability to transform a country and UAE is the biggest and greatest example of this. The government of the United Arab Emirates is also aware of the importance of education and its role in development which is why their main focus is on the reforms and betterment of their education sector.

Each year billions of dollars are allocated to the education sector by the government of UAE and the effort shows. The education in the country is up-to-the-mark and follows the international level of education. Most of the schools follow international curriculums and some of them are branches of international schools.

For the government, the development of the education sector is among the topmost priorities and is one of the most important goals in the SDGs (Sustainable development goals). The government aims to provide education to all members of society because to achieve educational development well-educated society is a must.

According to the UAE government, education is a national priority and this is why a huge part of the budget goes towards education. As far as the initiatives taken by the Emirati government are concerned, let’s have a look at the list made by the assignment writing service in UAE.

1. Increasing the Enrollment of Students in Academic institution

The Emirati government is clear about its stance of providing education to every child in society and they are completely aware of its importance. The government is taking other initiatives to complete this initiative. The UAE government is raising the standards, ensuring safety, providing free education, etc to enroll more students.

From age 6 until the student has completed grade 12, the education is provided free by the public institutions although this is not applicable for non-Emiratis.

2. Enhancing the Teaching System

A good education is only possible if the teachers are highly-qualified and professional. The government has a license that tests the qualification of the teachers and ensures their experience.

This license is known as ‘Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards (TELS UAE) and Licensing Programme’. This license makes sure if the teacher is qualified and capable enough to provide quality education to the students. Having this license is necessary for all Emirati and expatriate teachers of public and private schools.

This license will be awarded only if an individual passes a national examination and provide a portfolio of evidence.

3. Standard of Education

The government is taking a number of initiatives to raise the standard of education and wants to develop an education system that is innovative enough to provide education in a way that has the ability to meet the global standards of society.

The system wants to include people from all age groups to be able to meet the market demand for labor in the future.

Under this initiative the government wants to ensure the inclusive quality of education. They want to include more scientific technology, strengthen the capacity of research, and prepare students to enroll in higher education, etc.

Also, the testing and grading system is also due for a better change and there are different levels of testing for different levels of the educational certificate.

4. Development of Curriculum

The ministry of education is determined to not only educate the students about mainstream subjects but also want to develop their minds and thoughts for which they want to develop the overall curriculums.

The government wants to prepare the students for the future and provide them a road map for a better professional life. They want the students to have different skills that set them apart from students of the world and make them ready for the real world.

Development of curriculum is important because the world is changing rapidly, the trends we have today might not be there after 5 years, and keeping up with the world education system is the way to move forward.

5. Assessing the Quality of Schools

Making rules for schools to follow is not enough and proper assessment of the schools is also very important. The government wants to enhance the overall school experience for the students and for that, they have to keep tabs on the quality of education and life in a school.

The ministry of education regularly inspects the schools and makes sure they are following the standard rules and fulfilling the quality requirements.


6. Two-Track Education

The government introduced the two-track education which teaches students general education and advanced education. The main aim here is to prepare students and provide all the relevant knowledge about the economy, providing them opportunities to attain the skills they need for higher education.

This step facilitates the high school students to directly enroll in universities.


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