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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
What are the different types of e-commerce

What are the different types of e-commerce

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Tue, Jul 6, 21, 08:04, 4 Months ago
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The influx of e-commerce is everywhere in the business world, companies are now going online to get the maximum profitability. The trend of online purchases is exponential due to the ease of financial transactions. You can purchase online products with the simple click of your mouse. The online purchase is feasible and you can save your time. E-commerce experts are predicting the trend of e-commerce is going to increase. The potential of e-commerce is ever-growing. 

There are various types of e-commerce business emerging, the common types of e-commerce are as follows:

Business to business ( B2B):

B2B is business-to-business e-commerce. In this type of e-commerce, trade is done between two business entities. These business entities can be producers and wholesale traders. An example of B2B e-commerce is the automobile industry, these companies purchase various parts like AC from particular brands. B2B e-commerce helps companies to produce quality products. Computer chip-producing companies like Intel, Samsung, and TMC produce computer chips for other manufacturers and producers of various products.

Business to consumer (B2C):

Business to the consumer model of e-commerce includes the end-user. In this type of e-commerce retail businesses are at the forefront. Retailing businesses in the fashion industry got a real boost from the B2C business model. The emergence of Fast fashion everywhere in the fashion world. Fast fashion is a term used in the fashion industry these days. At the time a fashion is showcased on the ramp, its distribution is already done throughout the retailing channel of the particular brand. 

Consumer to consumer (C2C): 

Consumer to consumer business models includes selling different used products and services to other consumers. The transaction is done by social media by placing their ad of particular products. Newspaper classified ads are also a good example of C2C e-commerce. E-commerce played its role in fostering C2C businesses. The prominent examples of companies promoting C2C businesses are OLX, eBay, and Amazon. These companies have particular auction places and act as third-party intermediaries for C2C and B2C businesses transitions. Anyone can sign up and place his bid on the auction pages.  

Consumer to business ( C2B):

The C2B business model is the complete opposite of the B2C business model. The C2B model provides the consumer to sell his product/services to the companies. An example of the C2B businesses is companies outsourcing services of individuals for designing and completing a specific task for example web-designing. In the C2B business model, consumers create value and businesses consume that value. For example, a consumer writing a review about a specific product or service and producing a useful idea. Then the consumer germinates an idea and businesses are consuming the idea. 

The main question here is why everybody is turning towards e-commerce, the simple answer to the question is “e-commerce bridges the gap between the producer and the consumer. The producer finds its reach to the international market for purchasing standard products. The producer benefited from the lower labor rates, in the developing countries. This is a win-win situation for the producer and the consumer. 

“The growth of the e-commerce business is nerve ending”



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