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Using Bulk SMS to Reach Your Customers is a Great Way to Grow Your Business

Using Bulk SMS to Reach Your Customers is a Great Way to Grow Your Business

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Tue, Jul 6, 21, 09:29, 7 Months ago
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The longer customers stay with you, the more money they give you, and the more likely they are to recommend you to others. They create happier customers with these SMS business strategies. Multi-channel marketing becomes increasingly effective as more brands target mobile customers with SMS. SMS is currently the primary offering of many digital marketing agencies, which means their customers are at risk of missing out on increased return on investment and customer interaction.

It is a mistake that organizations think mobile marketing is complicated and expensive, unable to deliver personalized communication, and does not provide strong return on investment analysis. There is no need to use a smartphone to reach mobile consumers (smartphones and non-smartphones), and sending a personalized text message can be as easy.


You can improve your existing communication plan with customers by using SMS reminders. You should avoid sending an additional email the day before, or on the day of, a meeting, trip, or booking to a customer who has already received a confirmation from you. It can be overwhelming, but may increase your chances of converting the lead. The campaign might not produce the desired result if customers haven't received a reminder to attend. They can check and follow the calendar with a short SMS.


An SMS can make it easier for customers to stay up to date on account activity. It is either a neighborhood update or a public security alert. Your web account may have sent similar SMS to you in the past when you changed your email address or password. Customers expect such messages, and they request them. If your customers want it, you can even schedule recurring updates, such as weekly account balances, via the SMS API. 


It's essential for many customers to receive a confirmation letter after they place an order or update their account. It allows your customers to know that you have received their order or that you have accepted their change to their account. Is this email address no longer used by this customer? Are you able to confirm if the confirmation message is not reaching your inbox correctly? SMS is an additional way to communicate with customers, as it allows you to send a confirmation via text message. In addition, email notifications are now more responsive. In the past  


It may not be appropriate or sought after to resend an email to customers whose orders have been shipped or who have placed orders. Sending SMS to customers in such situations is a great way to keep them updated in real time.  


SMS marketing, also known as text marketing, is one of the most popular methods of message marketing because of its highly receptive audience, its unbalanced open rate, and its timely delivery (90% of messages are read within three seconds). When an SMS is sent on time, it can create urgency and Action must be taken immediately. This makes outbound marketing two-way and gives you a way to smoothly transform your one-way communication. 

SMS is a great way to reach customers, and all the above-mentioned examples show how important SMS is. This allows companies to analyze their mobile databases further and produce targeted campaigns.  


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Vikram Dixit is a seasoned marketer and a sales expert. He is the Manager of Datagenit, a leading digital marketing company that offers Bulk SMS service Or IVR solution, Internet research, email & chat support, and more.


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