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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Ultimate Guide to Cat5e Cable Types and Specifications

Ultimate Guide to Cat5e Cable Types and Specifications

Wed, Jul 28, 21, 15:46, 3 Months ago
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Cat5e Ethernet cables are commonly used in residential, gaming, and small business environments. It is because the data transfer rates and bandwidth capacity of the cable are adequate. Moreover, it gives optimal performance and connectivity outcomes, whether Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper cable or Cat5e Riser Cable.


The following are the several Cat5e cable types:


Cat5e Plenum Cable


Plenum Cat5e Bare Copper wire, commonly known as Cat5e solid copper cable, is utilized in the plenum spaces of buildings for installation. First, let us explain what plenum spaces are if you don't already know. These are the different areas of the building where the air is circulated for heating, cooling, and ventilation. Plenum areas are critical spaces that, if treated carelessly, might result in calamity. For this reason, only CMP-rated (also known as plenum-rated) cables are permitted in plenum spaces. Communication Multi-purpose Cable, Plenum is the abbreviation for Communication Multi-purpose Cable, Plenum.


CMP-rated ethernet cable has a highly durable polyvinyl chloride jacket. Because it is fire retardant, these jackets stop fire spread when exposed to ablaze. CMP-rated cables also release extremely little smoke and no harmful gases during the burning process. Plenum-rated wires can also be used in riser areas.


Cat5e Riser Cable


The name of the cable is self-explanatory. For installation in the vertical areas of buildings, a Cat5e Riser Cable is needed. This type of cable has a riser-rated jacket. It's made of the same high-quality polyvinyl chloride as CMP-rated ethernet cables, although the material isn't as refined.


Cat5e PVC Cable


A Cat5e PVC Cable is utilized for outdoor installations; its jacket is PVC-rated and provides good protection against the elements.


Shielded & Unshielded Cable


A shielded twisted pair cable is a Cat5e cable with the STP designation. It indicates the cable has an extra layer of protection around the four twisted pairs in the form of a copper braid jacket or foil wrapping. This additional layer of protection reduces crosstalk and EMI, resulting in improved signal quality in hostile settings.


The UTP mark identifies unshielded twisted pair cable. In locations where crosstalk and EMI are minimal or non-existent, the cable is appropriate for insulation.


Pure Copper & CCA 


The conductors in an ethernet cable are the most crucial part because they are the medium via which signals enter and pass, and all transmission takes place. Pure copper conductors or copper-clad aluminum conductors are used. In every way, pure copper conductors outperform CCA conductors in terms of performance. The cost of pure copper conductor ethernet cable is significantly higher than the cost of CCA conductor ethernet cable.


Specifications of Cat5e Ethernet Cable


The cable, as previously indicated, has a data transfer rate of 1Gbps across a distance of 328 feet or 100 meters. Even though the TIA/EIA bandwidth specifications are 100MHz, some manufacturers provide bandwidth capacity exceeding 350MHz.


The cable's thick covering layer provides good protection against crosstalk and EMI. It can work in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a gauge range of 22AWG to 26AWG. It complies with the following industry requirements:


  • RoHS, 
  • FCC,
  • CE,
  • CSA,



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