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Top 7 Best Tips for SEO Services

Top 7 Best Tips for SEO Services

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Thu, Jul 1, 21, 10:21, 7 Months ago
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Website development is only half of digital marketing. There is a lot of other stuff which have to fulfill to get desired results. SEO is one of the major aspects of branding a website. Most SEO companies follow the latest trends of 2021 to beat the competition and get a Google ranking.

There is several tried and tested formula for SEO services. Every SEO company has its strategies for getting in rank. But some are fundamental and must be applied procedures for every website—more than half of the work done if we follow these 7 tips for our SEO.

Do Not Use Long And Complex Sentences:

People do not like difficult words and complex sentences to read. Make sure our sentence is understandable to our audience and use simple and familiar words to describe anything. It increases the engagement on content and maintains for a long. We should also optimize our heading.

  • Use common words
  • Use short sentences
  • Put keywords in it
  • Optimize your heading

Make Short Paragraphs:

Sometimes, an SEO company wants to focus on a particular thing. Still, it automatically hides in long sections, so it is evident that we write in short paragraphs, just like a conversation for two people or we are talking to our audiences.

  • Less than 300 words
  • Use one-liners
  • Bold or link some valid words

Use Internal & External Links:

These are very important in SEO services because internal links ensure that our audience interacts with our content and finds all necessary and related information on the same website. In the same way, external links are also essential, through which we help our audience to get more knowledge. It decreases bounce rate and increases traffic. 

  • At least 1-2 internal links.
  • Up to 2-3 external links
  • Only related keywords

Write Meta Description For Your Post:

Meta tags and Meta description is for Google or any other search engines to understand what information your content has carried. On that basis, they rank your content and show it on searches.

  • Related to keyword
  • Must include your keyword
  • Short and descriptive

Use Your Keyword Throughout The Post:

Regular posting and blogging increase your visibility on various platforms and ensure our content should have a focus keyword throughout the post. It is easy for Google to understand the content. Categorization of the post is also done for easy navigation.

  • 2% of total contents
  • Use related phrases
  • Keyword in the first paragraph

Rename The Images Before Uploading Them:

Most of the time, we download images from Google and paste them directly on our post, But it is having 2 issues, First images may behave copyright issues, and Google may not relate to the picture because of their default name. For this, we should rename the photos and try to buy copyrights for the future.

  • High-quality images
  • Rename related to your keywords
  • Responsive on all devices

Speed of Website:

All things are useless if our site takes much more time to open than usual. We must ensure our hosting provider a great rate, and we make a light website as we can. Delete all unnecessary items and upload compressed images.

  • Get good hosting
  • Compressed Images
  • Delete unnecessary plugins and themes

SEO is one of the major aspects of digital marketing. After website designing, we make sure our website reaches every client. SEO provides green signals about our content and gets noticed by search engines. Most of the digital marketing agencies in Jaipur follow these trends after Covid-19.

If you like this article and find anything helpful to you, then comment with your valuable ideas.


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