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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Top 5 government website examples

Top 5 government website examples

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Tue, Aug 3, 21, 03:07, 3 Months ago
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Top 5 government website examples
The top government websites offer excellent information that is presented in a very appealing way. The top government websites do so through very immersive images and videos, interactive features and other options that are required for personalizing one's experience. Just so you can get some inspiration, we have enclosed below some of the best government website examples. Read on further to know the top 5  government website examples. 
1.Hawaii: - is actually one of the best government website examples. It has a very well organized, no-scroll homepage that offers very clickable titles, including something called a "Near Me" tile. Once visitors click on the "Near Me" tile, they can easily search through all the different state resources as well as state destinations. Further they can see all the locations on the map, including and especially all the relevant contact information on the site. If you click on the homepage "calendar" you might see the state events of the day and if you click on the "mobile" you might see a list of apps that can easily help you in navigating through all the resources and destinations on your mobile devices like bike share services and city tours. 
2. Utah :- Utah is very deservedly one of the best government website examples and it rightfully won the Center of Digital Government Experience Award in 2018.  The website of the state of Utah offers an experience that is immersive. There are very large images and background videos on the site that helps the visitors in experiencing the state from the computer. If you happen to be a visitor to this site then all you need to do is to click the down arrow and you will easily get to explore all the key state information in very interactive formats. All you need to do is to just zoom in and zoom out on Google Maps to explore the city in its entirety. You can also easily access all the calendars if you need to learn the different ways of getting involved in some key events.
3. Michigan :- Next we come to Michigan which is one of the best government website examples. The site offers a search bay overlay with a full-width header image. The content of the homepage of this site targets residents as well as state visitors. The site offers information that is resident-relevant and there is a full list of job postings and other content of interest that state visitors might really like to come across. It is also very easy for residents to use this site to find jobs. At the bottom of the homepage, there is a dedicated app which provides personalized information to visitors and residents, regardless of where they might be.
4. California :- The official website of California is very focused on offering the residents with information that is quick as well as useful. Visitors can easily access the site and see full-width images of all the beaches in California that are overlayed and have a search bar. They can easily input different search items and then they can easily click the button below the search bar to make it clear if they are seeking either a state agency or a state service or merely some answers to common questions. Visitors just need to scroll down the site and they can come across multitudes of links for finding jobs, filing for unemployment, searching for properties as well as for renewing their driver's license.
5. Indiana :- Next up on the list of top government website examples is the website of Indiana which has been a winner of the Center for Digital Government's Government Experience Award for the year of 2018. The Indiana website has an excellent homepage which offers an excellent grid structure that is full of clickable tiles with labels that read "Education”, "News and Events" as well as "Forms and Online Services". For the sake of user convenience, there is an entire search bar which overlays the header image of the website to ensure all the website visitors can search different phrases for the purpose of finding out relevant information.
The Bottom Line
There you have it, those were the top 5 government website examples. If you have been planning to make a government website then you will do very well to follow these examples to ensure that your government website is top-class and the best of the best, without any parallels whatsoever.


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