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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Things to know about MagDrone R3

Things to know about MagDrone R3

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Wed, Aug 4, 21, 06:25, 3 Months ago
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Things to know about MagDrone R3
The Lancaster Environment Centre, in collaboration with the University of South Florida’s School of Geophysics and others, undertook many volcanological field investigations employing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) equipped with a variety of sensors to reduce the effort of aerial assisted field surveys. The SensysMagDrone R3 was one of the sensor systems used to create a magnetic footprint of the volcano and the surrounding region. The MagDrone R3 is a portable magnetometer survey kit that can be mounted to any UAV or drone with a payload of at least 1kg.
Specifications of MagDrone R3
Listed below are some specifications of the SensysMagDrone R3:
• Minimum payload: The MagDrone R3 is a lightweight magnetometer survey kit that can be mounted to any UAV or drone with a payload of at least 1kg.
• All set to go: An ultralight sensor tube with two built-in 3-axis Fluxgates with 150pT resolution, a 1-button data logger with an internal SD card, rechargeable batteries, and an integrated GPS are all included in the package. It’s designed and optimized for small and midsize survey UAVs / drones with limited payloads and lengthy flight durations.
• Minimal setup: The MagDrone R3 can be immediately connected to a drone’s landing gear – even close to the motors – because of its 200Hz sampling rate. The MagDrone R3 can differentiate between motor noise, net frequencies, transient interferences, and ground signal when compared to other drones.
• Usage across the board: The MagDrone R3 survey kit may be used for general-purpose surveys, science-related magnetic cartographies, exploratory investigations on buried minerals, and safety-related activities, depending on the capabilities of the UAV / drone in terms of maneuverability and GPS precision. Area scanning for explosives and munitions, as well as incursion prevention monitoring of regions and camps, are examples.
• Simplicity: By screwing, strapping, or bonding the frame and the UAV / drone together, it allows for easy attachment to any type of UAV / drone.
• Intuitive science: While in the air, the data logger is continually recording. The data may then be transferred to any Windows computer for additional processing, such as using the SENSYS software MagDroneDataTool, MAGNETO, GIS tools, or Matlab for custom programming.
• MagBase: The drone-based magnetometer data can be correlated with those from the MagBase using the SENSYS tool MagBase as a reference station. This will allow temporary noise sources like crossing vehicles or net frequencies to be canceled.
• SENSYS Remote App: With the Android Remote App, users may connect their MagDrone R3 to their smartphone via Bluetooth to verify system conditions before and after the flight, start or stop data recording, and view live readings at a 2Hz sample rate to monitor system, ground, and ambient parameters.
Features of MagDrone R3
Here is a list of some features of MagDrone R3.
• A system with two sensors that may be attached to any drone
• Data is stored on an internal SD card
• A powerful idea with a purpose to avoid data loss
• The sampling rate is 200 Hz
• Data from the measurements is time stamped
• GPS module built-in
Applications of MagDrone R3
The applications of MagDrone R3 include:
• Surveying from afar, on slopes, or during avalanches
• Exploration, tracking, and monitoring of mines at a variety of heights
• Unreachable, waterlogged, or mined regions detection
• Surveillance of locations and equipment to prevent trespassing or theft
Each battery can run the SensysMagDrone R3 for 4 to 5 hours while constantly recording, depending on the ambient temperature. The MagDrone has its GPS. As a result, the gadget remains unaffected by drone kinds, GPS protocols, and other factors. A serial port might be added to future versions so that an external GPS can be used instead of the internal one. However, only one of the two can be utilized.


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