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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
The Significance and Function of Marine Diesel Engine Parts

The Significance and Function of Marine Diesel Engine Parts

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Thu, Aug 5, 21, 04:36, 3 Months ago
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The two types of fuel that automobiles traditionally use include petrol and diesel. However, today we see electric cars hugely popular. The large trucks and trailers we see on the road mostly run on diesel instead of petrol. Large vehicles usually require high temperature and power for a quick ignition, so slow-burning diesel is set to be most efficient. 

The trucks and trailers carry heavy loads and require a significant amount of force to drive even at a slow speed. On the other hand, petrol burns faster, but diesel engines can deliver higher torques even at a slow speed. Apart from the combustion, diesel burns slowly and is more fuel-efficient. You may also have noticed that trucks fill the tank once and then embark on a long journey before refueling again. 

However, apart from the fuel efficiency and other advantages, diesel engines require constant repair and maintenance. Apart from trucks and large vehicles, diesel engines are also made for boats and container ships. Marine diesel fuel is different from regular diesel fuel and comes in different grades.

The Importance of Diesel Engine and its Parts

A marine diesel engine consists of four strokes, of which 2 strokes deliver 75% of the power. The key marine diesel engine parts and its function are

  • Crankshaft

One of the main components is a crankshaft made from silicon, carbon, manganese, and phosphorus. The crankshaft is one piece of equipment and welded into construction to provide strength and resist pressure. The main purpose of the crankshaft is to convert the cylindrical power of the piston into the rotary movement of the shaft. 

  • Bedplate

The two girders that run parallel and across the length of the engine are known as ‘bedplate.’ These girders are made from welding cast steel, and for small boats, these are made from cast iron. The bedplate provides support to the two main stroke engines. 

  • Camshaft

A camshaft is another important component that is composed of two cams inserted on a shaft hydraulically. A metal line supports the complete shaft, and cams are made from steel. The crankshaft drives the camshaft, and both are integrated with a chain or gear. The function of a camshaft is to control the three main valves that are Fuel injector, inlet, and exhaust.

  • Piston

Nearly every engine contains a piston, and its function is to transfer combustion force to the piston rod. In marine engines, a piston is the heart of the engine and converts the force of expanding gases into mechanical energy. 

  • Piston rings

The piston rings are used to prevent combustion gases from escaping. The piston rings are made from high-quality material to provide strength, elasticity, and resist corrosion. 

  • Frame box

A frame box from the name means a frame that is mounted to cover the bedplate. Its function is to support the cylinder block from the bedplate. 

  • Connecting rod

The main work of the connecting rod is to transfer the reciprocating motion of a piston towards the crankshaft. 

  • Inlet and Exhaust valves

The purpose of the inlet valve is to force fresh air into the combustion space, and the exhaust valves work in reverse and expel the byproduct of the combustion process. 

  • Turbocharger

The fairly new part that is designed to improve the overall efficiency and power of the engine is a ‘turbocharger.’ It consists of a turbine and a blower.


Regular maintenance and high-quality marine diesel engine parts are necessary to improve fuel economy, ensure robust functionality, and reduce the chances of constant breakdowns. Today, few reliable online distributors offer a wide range of marine engine spare parts from all the leading brands and an affordable price.


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