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Thursday, October 21, 2021
The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Events

The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Events

Posted in: Marketing
Fri, Oct 1, 21, 04:34, 3 Weeks ago
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Do you know what are hybrid events? If in an event we combine a virtual component with an in-person format then this type of event is known as a hybrid event. It can be a meeting, seminar or a conference. The remote attendees can use the virtual component that is available online so as to attend this kind of event. Because of the pandemic, a lot of popularity has been gained by hybrid events. There are some pros and cons associated with hybrid events which I will explain to you in detail.


1. More and more people can attend the event – A benefit of hosting this kind of event is that a lot of people can participate in it. There are a number of reasons like venue size, time, cost and travel because of which some people can’t physically attend the event. These people can easily participate in this kind of event. Several times it has been found that a meeting or conference has never been physically attended by a lot of virtual attendees which are nearly 50 %. For targeting those customers and employees that are dormant the online part of this event plays a very good role.

2. This type of event is basically eco-friendly – There will be less impact on the environment if there is less requirement for traveling. You can enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly event by including a virtual environment in your event. Earlier it was not possible to enjoy the advantages of these kinds. The virtual environment will not create any waste. In an in-person event, so much carbon emission occurs and this emission’s only 1 % will be produced in the virtual portion. Building something and throwing it away is not needed in the virtual portion. So, we can say that as compared to an in-person event there is a more eco-friendly and cleaner nature of a hybrid event.

3. There are a lot of opportunities for sponsorship with this kind of event – To participate in this event a lot of corporate sponsors take interest and these corporate sponsors are nearly 72 %. Reaching the virtual audience as well as the in-person audience is possible for these sponsors and they can get a lot of value from this kind of event. Here the sponsors can get a lot of leads because a large number of people can participate in this event. In addition to this with those people that are interested, 1:1 communication is possible for the sponsors here. Virtual communication is the preferred choice of millennials from the demographics. So, there will be more virtual participation of the people in this event.

4. Engagement of audience is higher – If in your event you will add a virtual portion then this will help in increasing the engagement of the audience. An event that is strictly live can’t offer greater opportunities for engagement that this event offers. By using a desktop computer or a mobile device a virtual attendee can easily participate in this kind of event. Along with this he can comment, like, share and talk very easily in this event. During the sessions, hosting polls is possible here. In this live event, it is also possible to include the speaker in the Q/A session. The Q/A sessions can help in engaging the online audience at a higher level.


1. This event can become complex – Hosting an event of this kind can be very complex because it includes a virtual online component as well as an in-person format. Here the host has to take care of the attendees on the virtual floor as well as on the live floor. So, he has to do a lot of planning for entertaining both types of attendees.

2. Sometimes it becomes necessary to provide extra guidance to the sponsors – On several instances, it becomes difficult for the host of this kind of event to convince the sponsors that they will get a lot of benefits from this event. Tackling all this perfectly may not be so easy for the host and may prove to be a great challenge. So, if he can provide value to the sponsors, only then he should think about getting a large number of sponsors. The sponsors know how many benefits they can get from an in-person event. The host also has to tell them that they can get a lot of benefits from a hybrid event.

3. Some more engagement and coordination may be needed – If you are going to plan and execute an event of this kind then several challenges may come in your way. It is your duty to take care of the attendees of two types and provide a great customer experience to them. For the smooth running of the event, you have to consider the physical aspects as well as technical aspects and arrange all the necessary things in the event. From the different parts of the world, people can participate virtually in these Hybrid Events. It is the responsibility of the host to provide them good virtual experiences.



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