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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
The Pros and Cons of Being a Surrogate

The Pros and Cons of Being a Surrogate

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Mon, Jun 28, 21, 19:10, 4 Months ago
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At the beginning of the surrogate carrier, most of the surrogates weigh down the pros and cons of being a surrogate. But when they look back after years of experience, their greatness of carrying a baby from IVF transfer into life for other families makes the cons of being a surrogate just minor. Here are the complete surrogacy process including advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros of Being a Surrogate

Different women take up the carrier of surrogate for different reasons. Most of the surrogates take up surrogacy process as a profession in order to contribute to building up families for other families. To them, it is a matter of enjoyment, satisfaction, and high rewards. While it is a life-changing decision for any woman being a surrogate, here are some pros of being a surrogate:

Being Surrogate Gives the Taste of Fulfillment

There are numerous families who are unable to produce a child for whatever reasons. When a surrogate becomes successful in giving birth to a healthy baby, they achieve something for another family who could not achieve the child without the contribution of the surrogate. This gives the surrogates a sense of fulfillment. The surrogate mothers are subconsciously very caring and compassionate about the need of a child for the other childless families.

Being a Surrogate Means Enjoying Pregnancy

One of the major pros of being a surrogate is that most of the surrogates enjoy their pregnancy or being pregnant again, and sometimes again and again. Already being a mother is one of the requirements of becoming a surrogate mother. With their prior experience of being pregnant, they enjoy being pregnant again for someone else. This gives them the opportunity of enjoying their pregnancy without any promising mind of performing the duty of raising the child they deliver to the intended parents.

Surrogates Handsome Compensation

Other pros of being a surrogate are that the surrogate gets handsome or generous compensation for their time, commitment, and risks of life involving the entire process of being a surrogate. On average, a gestational surrogate or a surrogate mother receives forty thousand US dollars to fifty thousand US dollars from the intended parents for whom she carries the pregnancy to deliver. This compensation is exclusive because the intended parents carry the travel and medical costs. Another of the pros of this compensation is that the surrogate enjoys health insurance. This huge amount of compensation money helps the surrogate to pursue her personal goals like achieving education, buying a house, paying debts, or anything else.

Cons of Being a Surrogate

Nothing on earth is an unmixed blessing. Everything has its good sides and bad sides. Being a surrogate is also not an exception to that. Although the gestational surrogates gift the intended parents their long-cherished reward - a child, there are cons and risks of being a surrogate.

Being a Surrogate - Physically and Emotionally Demanding

The surrogates have to go through various medical tests and undergo screening in order to prove their fitness as surrogates. It is physically demanding being pregnant. The surrogates have to attend appointments and receive treatment. Also, being pregnant for other couples is emotionally challenging to many surrogates. When they face the ups and downs of their emotional thoughts in this circumstance, they need emotional assistance or professional support.

Being a surrogate (gestacion subrogada) is a lengthy process, and it has health risks, and surrogates need medications in order to get pregnant. It is regretful that the surrogacy process is still described or regarded as worthy of disgrace or great disapproval to many. However, the reality is being a surrogate is a matter of greatness and reward - these are the pros and cons of being a surrogate.


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