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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
The Effects of Skipping Dental Appointments Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

The Effects of Skipping Dental Appointments Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Fri, Aug 6, 21, 08:10, 6 Months ago
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How Coronavirus affects your body?

When Coronavirus infects your body, it initially causes fiver with a temperature of 100.4oF. Apart from fever patient will also suffers from intense fatigue and headache. The novel Coronavirus affects your respiratory track that leads to accumulation of dry caught and shortness of breathing. These were the primary symptoms developed in the first two to seven days. After going through a preliminary set of symptoms, patients also have lung infection or pneumonia. It can be diagnosed through a chest X-ray at the secondary stage. Patients become highly sick at this stage, and they need breathing assistance machines and ventilators for proper breathing.

Covid-19 infection is life-threatening, especially for older people above 60 years and adults with chronic diseases such as high pressure and diabetes. The mortality rate for an adult is 10%, and for old age people (above 60), it is more than 50%. Maximum people infected with Coronavirus develop severe breathing complications, and they need to get admitted to the hospital.

How Coronavirus affects your oral health?

Covid-19 indirectly affects our immunity system. Several months of lockdown, a lack of social life directly affects our cognitive behaviour. It increases our stress and anxiety. We all know excess mental stress weaken our core immunity. When we get stressed or panicked, our immunity system becomes less active, and our bodies become prone to infection. Like other body parts, Coronavirus also affects our oral health. The mouth is the entrance of your body, and even the digestion process also starts from the mouth. But unhealthy lifestyle, stress, tobacco use, poor diet, lack of nutrition, anxiety just damage oral health. Many of these problems arise at the time of the pandemic.

Unhealthy habits, lack of dental check-ups, and other social factors of health aggravate the chronic disease and poor dental health consequences.  

The consequences of missing dental appointment due to Covid-19

Health services around the world is facing an out-of-the-way situation as a consequence of the global covid-19 pandemic. Medical researchers and doctors are working their best to overcome this situation with SARS-COV-2 rapid, Swab test, RT-PCR test. This test quickly detects covid-19 infection and help to avoid a life-threatening condition. Early recognition of SARS infection gives time to provide proper medical care. Effective treatment can save the life from life-threatening complications. Now the mortality rate is high because of lack of awareness, not following social distancing instruction, and improper use of musk and sanitiser.

On the other hand, covid-19 infection promotes some oral complications for the immune-compromised people with long term pharmacotherapy.

Following oral health and hygiene protocol and a regular dental check-up is necessary for every individual. But patients are skipping their dental appointments to protect themselves from covid-19 infection. Though they are right from their point of view to maintain social distancing, it can have serious consequences.

Eminent dentist Dr Gandhi says going to a dentist every six months is essential to maintain good oral health. Toothache and swelling gums can be the symptoms of dental infection.

Other long-term effects are loss of a tooth, gum bleeding, swelling, dental plaque formation, Halitosis. All of these problems need medical care, so skipping dentist appointments is not a good idea. If you are suffering from any kind of oral problems, you are unable to eat correctly. Consequently, your body suffers from a lack of nutrition. Lack of nutrition means a compromised immune system. That’s why patient’s cost dental care first.

As our mouth is the beginning of the rest of our body. If our oral health is not good, our bodies will suffer. It is a simple equation. If an individual is suffering from a dental cavity and does not get filled, the small cavity may turn severe, causes discomfort, pain, even tooth loss. Even food particles accumulate easily, which causes Halitosis, promoting plaque formation, infection, and gum bleeding.

Dentists share their treatment experiences. They found more sugar on children’s teeth. They are being at home and eating more chocolate, candy, and sweets in their leisure time. It diverts their mind and instantly makes them happy. Unfortunately, excess sugar is harmful to oral health. When your teeth get affected by infection and disease, brushing is not enough to cure them. You need to take deep cleaning and proper treatment from a dental clinic.

How can you prevent dental problems in this pandemic situation?

You are not alone who skipped regular dental visits due to the covid-19 pandemic. Lots of people missed dental exams and teeth cleaning from 2020. It may seem not a big deal, but skipping a dental appointment may cause severe dental ailment, just more than simple toothache and swelling gum.

Now dental offices are reopened with necessary Covid-19 precautions. This is the perfect time to reschedule your appointment and improve your oral health condition. It is essential to take dental check-ups twice a year. Dentists will quickly detect your subtle oral problems, including gum issues.

Gum disease is associated with several severe health issues that lead to cardiac problems or stroke. Cardiovascular disease is directly linked with periodontal disease because of chronic inflammation. Research has been shown that periodontal disease is linked with Covid-19 symptoms.

That’s why it is essential to keep up to date with dental appointments. Gum disease starts slowly with inflammation, swelling, and redness. It is called Gingivitis. Periodontitis is a serious case of Gingivitis. It may result in tooth loss. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, consult with a dentist from the best dental clinic in Chennai to get better treatment. A dentist will diagnose your problem and check whether your dental issues are connected with more severe diseases related to heart.



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