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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
The Cultural Influence on Clothing and Style

The Cultural Influence on Clothing and Style

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Mon, Jul 26, 21, 23:39, 6 Months ago
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Fashion and culture are two sides of a coin. Fashion is a true reflection of the culture of a society. Clothes have non-verbal communication language. It reflects a message about the whole personality and outlook of society. Fashion is a source to represent your thinking style. Pakistani salwar kameez is a true reflection of Pakistani culture. People love to wear it on special occasions and functions.  

In this article, we will try to disclose the fact how cultural influence affects our clothing and style:

Morality and fashion:

Fashion is a manifestation of the moralities of a culture. You can identify the whole society’s moral standards by simply observing a single person. The whole paradigm of fashion is based on the essence of society’s beliefs. The cultural beliefs can even be seen in wedding ceremonies. For example, Women wearing white wedding dressing represents an attitude of cleanness, Red Bridal Clothing symbolizes sacrifice and love. 

Values of a society:

The value system of society determines fashion. It is possible ideals of one society can be treated as falsify activities in another society. The ideals would shift from culture to culture. The ideals and reflected in the fashion of society. The values of a society are the basis of the whole sense of fashion. The acceptability of fashion is granted by the value stem of a society. 

Beliefs of society:

Beliefs of society are an expression of their thoughts and religious beliefs. Their thinking is reflected in their clothes and style. People like to wear clothing according to their faith. People and sisters want to wear specific dressings to represent their faith and belief.  Some people also wear a certain dressing to relate luck. For example, some people believe that wearing a hat makes them lucky. It looks odd to wear a straw hat, but people believe in that.

Feminine dressing:

The feminine dressing is also determined by the beliefs of society. In conservative and traditional societies, women like to wear dresses that cover the whole body. Western-style of thinking is more liberal as compared to other countries. Fashion is more charmful in these societies. Women do like to expose their figure and bodies in dressing like Skirts, Jeans, and Shorts. Women do maintain their bodies accordingly to wear such fitted clothing. 

Cultural groups:

Cultural groups also influence the fashion of society. People from the same sect or ethnic group like to wear clothing of the same style and color to represent their beliefs and social norms. Various national groups like Pathans, Punjabi, Bengali, Beharies, etc wear clothing of the same style and with little variation. These cultural groups can be identified by their wearing pattern and style.

The impact of media:

In this age of digitalization, Electronic median and Social media are transforming the beliefs and values of people. People are becoming more flexible with each other, and international fashion trends are emerging.

Social media presents an excellent forum to exchange ideas with each other. Cross-cultural discussions are common, people are adopting each other’s clothing style. Men and women are accepting Western clothing and wearing it with pride. International society has emerged around the world. 


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