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Whether you are designing the perfect outfit for wearing to the office, going out on a date or hanging around your home short sleeve tees are the answer. Short sleeve tees have gone through a lot of style changes in recent years. Today a short shirt is not just a plain white tee. Shirts come in every style and color imaginable customized for the needs of teens, guys, girls and even toddlers.

One of the hottest trends in short sleeve tops are graphic tees featuring logos of your favorite college sports teams, professional basketball players and team mascots. You can also purchase embellished tees to best reflect your own style and interest. Those who like retro looks can purchase vintage or retro themed tees. Women enjoy wearing tees featuring groovy tie died looks from the 70s. While guys love short sleeve tees featuring vintage pin up girls. Joke tees, party tees, political tees, holiday tees and TV and movie themed tees are stylish to wear and are a great way of striking up a conversation and breaking the ice with strangers.

Beyond knowing, what style of short sleeve tees you like you need to understand what looks good on you! When buying tees, consider the best fit for your shape. For example, busty women looking to create a more balanced look on top look great in tees with a V-neck, scoop neck or those with gathered pleats as these styles draw the eyes away from the bust line. Women with fewer curves look best in fitted shirts, printed tees and asymmetrical necklines since they create the appearance of a larger bust. Women with fleshier arms may want to choose a shirt where the sleeves reach the elbows and are not so tight they draw attention to this area. Women with thinner arms look best when the sleeves are practically non-existence, bringing the focus to their well-toned arms.

The type of material and style will also play a role in determining where a short sleeve tee is appropriate to wear and which body type it flatters best. Though cotton is by far the most affordable and recognized material used in creating t-shirts it is not the only one. Furthermore cotton tees are usually best suited for casual attire. Short sleeved tops made with silk, spandex, cashmere or wool offer a more professional look and are look less wrinkled then cotton. Visit here

An embellished short sleeve cotton tee featuring a team logo will work great for hanging out at the park but does not transform into appropriate office wear. For a dressy look find tees that feature beading, crocheting, ruffled tops or puffed sleeves. Short sleeved cardigans, sweaters, cropped jackets and polos can help carry off your office wardrobe. Striped or plaid tees can be dressed up with a silk camisole or worn under a long sleeved blazer on cold days. Babydoll tees are popular for wearing to the office or out on the town. Dress up a babydoll tee with straight leg trousers and low heels for the office or dress down for going out with jeans and sneakers.

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