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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Self-massage of the neck and shoulders

Self-massage of the neck and shoulders

Mon, Jul 26, 21, 02:49, 3 Months ago
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Self-massage of the neck and shoulders

Many people feel strain and strain on their necks and shoulders, especially if you work on a computer or are in the same position for much of the day. You may also feel increased tension in your neck and shoulders if you are standing all day, lifting heavy loads, or carrying a baby.


There are easy ways to relieve stress, and massage is always a good way to relieve muscle tension. Of course, the most effective shoulder massage is when someone else is sitting behind you, massaging sore muscles. But not everyone has a personal assistant who can relieve stress.


So here are some tips you can use to relieve stress on your own. Just find a quiet, more comfortable place - usually, it's best to sit down. I prefer to use a stool or sit on the edge of a chair so that the back of the chair doesn't get in the way.


Start with the left hand, lift it up to the shoulder at the base of the neck on the right side of the body. Bend your fingers so that your fingers can flex your muscles and apply tension. Move the massage up your neck and down your shoulder, you may even consider massaging your upper arm.

You should use gentle movements and focus on any areas that may feel tense or overworked. Keep working your neck and shoulder muscles until you feel relaxed on the other side of your body, then switch arms and do the same on the left side of your neck and shoulders.


Usually, end the massage with more pressure, squeeze the joints and neck muscles between thumb and forefinger, and then let it relax.

Self-massage of the feet

Self-massage can be a great way to relieve stress quickly and feel less stress. There are a lot of things in our busy lives that bring stress and worsen our health - work, family pressure, social pressure, financial problems, etc. Using self-massage techniques will help you understand how to relax, which will make your life easier. It will relieve your stress and anxiety and make you feel better.


You can use self-massage techniques regularly, sometimes I will even use them daily if I feel severe stress or fatigue. Concentrate on the body where you feel good and where you feel a muscle tension.


Before starting to apply the self-massage technique to the feet, it is a good idea to remove the sock and find a comfortable place to sit. You can also consider using a small pad of massage oil or lotion to help soften the skin.


Sit with one leg crossed over

Sit with one leg crossed over the other and let the leg rotate so that the arch is almost facing you. Grasp the arch of the foot with both hands, place the toes on top of the foot and the thumbs on the arch of the foot. Keep your thumbs in the same place and maintain even pressure, then start kneading and working your foot. Body Massage in Marina


Some people prefer to start with one end of the foot and work your way to the other. I prefer to start with the heel and then massage the arch of the foot with my toes. I also gently massage each toe. After I finish massaging this foot, I put it down and let it relax. Then cross the other leg and lift the leg so that it is easily accessible for the massage.


If you have trouble bending over to put your foot on, you can grab a rolling pin from the kitchen. Sit on a chair and place a rolling pin in front of you on the floor. Then gently roll the rocking chair back and forth with bare feet for 1 to 2 minutes. Just make sure the rolling pin is cleaned really well before you use it for cooking again!


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