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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Save The Environment With Carbon-Free Air Heating Technologies

Save The Environment With Carbon-Free Air Heating Technologies

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Thu, Aug 26, 21, 01:14, 2 Months ago
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Have you ever heard about Solarwall air heating systems? This is a unique and eco-friendly concept powered by Conserval. This company is a global market leader that is popular for renewable energy systems. This company’s owner, John Hollick invented the system to heat the ventilation with solar energy. This technology uses the energy of the sun for air heating for the buildings. Till now, this company has designed many projects for millions of buildings. 

This technology has been honored by many associations such as Natural Resources Canada, the United States Department of Energy, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The company has been providing solar air heating technologies to commercialized and industrial buildings for 25 years.

We all know that the greenhouse gases emission is increasing day by day, especially the emission of CO2 gas in the atmosphere. That’s why our earth is quickly moving towards global warming. We should control our activities so that less CO2 gas is produced. Air heating systems produce a large amount of carbon dioxide. This can be harmful to our environment. Moreover, the air heating systems provide toxic air that leads to many dangerous health concerns such as heart, kidney, and lungs problems.

We need an air heating system that would be safe for our environment and us. We need a healthy option that reduces tons of Carbon Footprint. Solarwall technologies can be one of the best options for heating the ventilation. This system comes up with a unique concept of green buildings. Conseval’s help you achieve the goals like carbon-free or zero-carbon heating systems.

The company especially focuses on the LEED certificate( Leadership in Energy & Environmental design). This company ensures that all standards of LEED certificates would be implemented. One can gain high ratings from the solar air heating systems. This certification program ensures the ratings of green buildings. The construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings are included in this certification program. This program is specially designed for people who don’t care for the environment.

This company offers you different versions of air heating technologies. These versions are Single Stage, Two-Stage, Rooftop Solarduct, and PV/T. All these technologies are cost-effective and give and Reduce Carbon Footprint to give clean air. 

Single Stage model works in a straight or linear pattern. In this model, the fresh air comes through the HVAC units. These units heat the fresh air by using a tremendous amount of energy to make the indoors comfortable in the winter season. This system reduces the consumption of fuel in the summer season as it takes less energy to work. This system is not complicated to install in different buildings.

The second version is the Two-Stage system of air heating. This system is one step further from the single-stage system. It is a more powerful version inspired by the space heating application. In this whole system, the metal Solarwall panels are heated by solar radiation. The collectors then collect the heated air and this air spreads across the multiple micro- perforations through intake fans. Then the absorber absorbs the heated air. 

Solarduct technology is similar to the original solar wall technology. It is specially designed for rooftops. Most people prefer rooftops for the application of air heating systems. This system reduces not only the heating costs but also energy consumption. Mechanical pieces of equipment are used in this system and it works traditionally as the PV solar panels.

The Solarduct model works in different ways in different seasons. The sun radiations heat the air first then this heated air spreads across the panels. The air then passes through the HVAC units and the Solarduct collects it. In the summer season, the Solarduct is no longer needed as the air is already too hot. The HVAC units present on the rooftop work independently.

The fourth technology is PV/T which deals with electricity. This system changes solar energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaics panels are used in this project to produce 100% renewable electricity. The electricity can be stored for anytime usage.

So far, many people have taken the advantage of these air heating systems. These systems have been projected in millions of buildings in more than 40 countries. The company provides the facility of personalized projects to its customers. If you have any idea for the installation of an air heating system for your building then you can tell the company. The company will try to help you by providing suitable services to your buildings.


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