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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Sandakphu Travel Guide - More than a hiker's wonderland

Sandakphu Travel Guide - More than a hiker's wonderland

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Tue, Jul 20, 21, 06:56, 4 Months ago
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Sandakphu exists in the pristine area of ​​the eastern Himalayas, not far from the famous Darjeeling Hills in the high mountains of northern western Bangladesh, which is dangerously nearby and often transits Nepal.

 Singalila Ridge runs from northwest to south and is separated from the other eastern Himalayas west of Bengal, and is found mainly in West Bengal, Sikkim, and partially in western Nepal. Singalila National Park is dominated by rolling mountain ranges, pristine green plants, and a natural landscape pristine in nature. Sandakphu is the top of this forested ridge.


 Sandakphu literally means "poisonous plant". The names of some poisonous plants in this area may be recognized. The first is "Aconitum", a perennial shrub whose roots have been used as medicine. Its bright, pure blue flowers and leaves can be fatal if eaten unconsciously. The area is also rich in "Himalayan Cobra Lily".

 Sandakphu trek is the main name for light to moderate trekking in the trekking world. It stands at 11,930 feet above sea level and is the peak of Singalila Ridge and the National Park. What makes the West Bengal state so unique and the highest point?

 What's special?

 From a clear morning, especially at dawn, 4 of the 5 highest peaks in the world can be regarded as part of a supernatural 180° panorama. This fact makes this small village on the ridge nothing missing Place. In the golden dawn of the Chapter, the light of the mount is particularly dazzling. Mount Everest (29,029 feet, the highest, Kangchenjunga, 28,177 feet, the third-highest), mountain. Mount Everest (27,940 feet, fourth tallest) and Makalu (27,838 feet, fifth-tallest) are separated.

 The scenery from west to the east includes huge peaks from Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal. The sunrise from here is a humble experience, as the dazzling shades of red, pink and gold shine from the darkness of the huge snow-capped mountains above the valley waves.

 Is trekking in Sandap the only way to get there?

 No, not that. It is also very powerful. However, there is a problem. No one can drive on flat asphalt. This trail is very difficult and can only be completed in a solid 4 to 4 SUV.

 Since colonial times, Old Land Rovers between Manebhanjan and Sandakphu, and even until recently, Phalut hardly carried tourists in the car, but recently (January 30, 2018) was banned by local authorities on the grounds that the car did not comply with current prescribed environmental and safety regulations.

 The West Bengal government-subsidized car owners to buy boleros to eliminate the rover. All that being said, some homeless are still driving on the route because you might be charging some locals.

 This summer, Jaguar Land Rover and its fleet of all models celebrated their 70th anniversary in the region. From the first series to the most recent discovery. Together with Land Rovers, it tells of the iconic nature and history of this route.

 From Chitre (2 kilometers from Manebhanjan) to 30 kilometers from Sandakphu Trek, 21 kilometers from the fault (the highest peak of Singalila Ridge 2 kilometers), a gravel road has been completed.

 Well, for a cheerful hiker, relaxation is easy. It is also very useful for absolute novices. First of all, mountaineering and rock climbing have nothing to do with hiking. It is just another way of saying walking or hiking uphill. This usually happens if you are in the good physical condition and can cross the plain during the 23 5-10 km rest time.

 Calf knees and muscles are of course a little painful, or you can sprain your ankle or fall, but this is part of the adventure. Countless beginners like me have done it, which is why hiking bugs are always bitten.

 How difficult is it to walk in Sandakphu?

 The road from Manebhanjan to Gairibas has been paved for 20 kilometers, partly with asphalt and partly with concrete. The last 12 kilometers from Sandakphu to Phalut remain unchanged. 21 kilometers from Sandakphu to Phalut.

 Soccer is also an option, although it is very challenging terrain. For Gairibas, this shouldn't be a problem, but on the rest of the routes, not only efficiency has been tested, but also the skill and maneuverability of the driver.

Update: There are currently no private bicycles or cars in the Singalila National Park area.

 In fact, for various reasons, I found Sandap to be an ideal beginner's trip:

 This road is well signposted. The uphill journey from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu follows the Land Rovers bouldering route almost entirely. There are some lovely shortcuts here and there, but they are steeper and harder.

 provides nearly 23 kilometers of shops and restaurants to help tired legs put down their bags and pick up hot chai or Maggie bowls.

 Must bring a guide. This is to promote the employment of local residents. The tour guide is trained to handle various emergencies during the trekking. Conveyor belts can also be used.

 Hiking is neither easy nor difficult, allowing beginners to truly experience hiking. The entire track takes 45 days, which is another ideal time for drifting.

 All overnight accommodations are permanent settlements, providing comfortable rooms and amenities for most people. After a full day of hiking, a good night's sleep is priceless.

 In the case of inconvenient walking, in case of emergency, you can call the rover for rescue, which is a unique advantage.

 There is almost no need for hiking equipment or equipment. You are ready to wear only a pair of comfortable shoes. You will be chopped off by the Forest Guide.



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