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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Renewal of FSSAI License Registration

Renewal of FSSAI License Registration

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Mon, Aug 9, 21, 02:06, 6 Months ago
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It is important to resume the FSSAI license to keep away from any penalties. To keep away from penalties, all meals commercial enterprise operators (FBOs) need to renew this license in the time body specified. FSSAI License Renewal changed into formerly treated via the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS). The FSSAI released this device in 2012 as a web platform.

However, as of November 1, 2020, this device changed through the Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS), an advanced model of the preceding software program for meals protection compliance necessities. This device employs modern-day technology, permitting compliances to be filed on time. There had been large drawbacks to the use of the FLRS device. As a result, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India added a brand new device with new functions.


The FSSAI License Renewal method, just like the preceding device, is totally online. It does, however, have a completely unique set of included umbrella functions that had been gift withinside the preceding FSSAI device. When in comparison to the preceding device, the renewal method for this sort of license is simpler.

Basic FSSAI License- This license is needed for all FBOs with a turnover of fewer than 12 lakhs.

State FSSAI License- This license is needed for all FBOs with an annual turnover of greater than 12 lakhs however much less than 20 crores. The FSSAI License renewal price is decided through the FBO's necessities.

Central FSSAI License -This license is needed for all FBOs with an annual turnover of greater than 20 crores. All candidates need to make certain that the necessities for FSSAI license renewal beneath neath the respective authority are met.

The Advantages of FSSAI License Renewal

Consumer self-belief will rise. All FBOs that adhere to the right requirements could be capable of renewing their licenses on time. This will enhance normal customer self-belief in FBO's products.

Ensure Compliance Compliance may be successfully met through renewing the FSSAI license on time. Penalties for noncompliance could now no longer be imposed at the FBOs.

Increases the Brand's Value By acquiring this license, the brand's popularity could improve. Consumers could be conscious that the FBO's license was renewed.

Diversification Opportunities The commercial enterprise can diversify into different regions as soon as compliance is met via FSSAI license renewal. The FBO has the capacity to create new meals products.

International Standards International requirements may be maintained through adhering to the legal guidelines governing the above-cited device.

How do I renew my FSSAI license online (FSSAI License Renewal) via FoSCoS?

Under the FoSCoS device, the subsequent method needs to be observed for FSSAI License Renewal:

Go Online First and foremost, an current consumer has to go browsing to the FoSCoS internet site at  This renewal method is executed through the login approach.

Signing In

After logging into the FoSCoS device, the applicant needs to visit the renewal phase and follow on the renewal of a brand new license or registration.

Licenses List

Following this step, the applicant could be given a listing of licenses for which FBO approval is granted. The applicant needs to continue after clicking at the license for renewal.

• Please preserve in thoughts that the FoSCoS device could simplest take delivery of renewal packages that needed to be submitted a hundred and twenty days earlier than the certificates’ expiration date.

• If the utility for renewal isn't always indexed a number of the licenses that require renewal, the applicant needs to follow for a brand new certificate of registration.

Renewal of FSSAI License through the FoSCoS Home Page

  • Go Online First and foremost, an current consumer has to go browsing to the FoSCoS internet site at FSSAI REGISTRATION. This approach of renewal is to be had through the FoSCoS Home Page. After traveling the FSSAI renewal homepage, the applicant needs to click on Renewal of License and Registration withinside the backside proper nook of the homepage.
  • Enter Information In the following step, the applicant needs to input data along with the license/registration wide variety, the date of validity, and the captcha code earlier than clicking on the publish button.
  • Form B The applicant could be redirected to the following page, Form B, in which they may add data along with files, pick out the years for license renewal, and pick out the fee approach. Once that is completed, the utility for FSSAI License Renewal could be geared up to be processed.
  • After finishing the previous steps, a receipt could be generated for the applicant, in conjunction with a completely unique reference wide variety. This particular reference wide variety is a 17-digit wide variety that the applicant can use withinside the future.

Aside from the foregoing, the FSSAI license needs to require extra files withinside the shape of audit reports, plans, certificates, and different files mentioning that compliance with the necessities associated with the above device adheres to A announcement made through the Authorized signatory mentioning that the meals commercial enterprise carried out conforms to the Food Safety and Standards Act, Hygiene, and Sanitary Standards.

Documents Required for Renewal of an FSSAI License

Application shape  Form A or Form B signed through the applicant Two Photographs of the Applicant  current PAN Card of Executives of the Business Rent Agreement Utility Bills if the premises is owned through the applicant If the corporation is a partnership, then a replica of the partnership deed needs to be taken Food Products and Category List ‘AOA and MOA in case the entity is an enterprise Board Responsibilities



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