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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Reflect the Visual Identity of Your Brand

Reflect the Visual Identity of Your Brand

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Thu, Jun 24, 21, 17:48, 4 Months ago
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Reflect the Visual Identity of Your Brand

Reflect the Visual Identity of Your Brand There is a common mistake made by small businesses. They don’t create a visual brand identity before they do email marketing. Just having a logo is not enough. Design needs to effectively use components such as photo quality, illustration techniques, primary and secondary color styles, eye-pleasing font families, and give the brand visual depth. Emails are an extension of your brand. The design should be professional-looking and should be appreciated by buyers. Every brand needs an effective SEO marketing agency.

Inaccurate designs will cause confusion to the target audience in sharing on both the web site and platforms such as social media and this will damage the corporate identity. By doing the opposite, you can build both brand awareness and trust.

For a consistent visual identity in email marketing, we may ask the following questions:

Which fonts should I use for headings and content?

What will the header and footer look like in the post?

What colors are appropriate for the links and CTA buttons to be used in the content?

Which background colors should I choose?

How should CTA button look?

Which social media buttons should I use and how should they look?

If I prefer dynamic design, I should use animated GIFs, but what about motion mechanics?

How do I separate the content panes?

The answer to these questions is hidden in common habits that are used and accepted over time. Here are some tips and tricks:

Use HTML color codes to ensure color consistency

Stay true to the same text style throughout your email

Width of the message (max 600 px recommended), background color or image, text color, font, and link color before starting design Plan elements such as.

Pay attention to content alignment, text alignment, and line spacing.

Use a standard for image resizing.

After adopting a basic order, various variations will emerge over this foundation.

Mobile Optimization is your priority!

Nowadays most of the email marketing service providers offer this service. The prepared design is expected to give the desired message clearly in accordance with all screen sizes. If we consider that the rate of campaigns sent on mobile devices is over 70%, we can understand how important the situation is. This ratio is expected to increase. Responsive email designs are a must for small businesses.

On mobile devices, the logic of e-mail is based on giving clear messages with few items. What can be done?

Single-column scrolling should be used. Examples include an email image, a header, a body text, and a CTA button. E-mail body should prefer plain text Large buttons should be preferred for ease of use

Each Email Should Have a Purpose

Each email sent must have an action call. Like downloading something from the website, having a brochure reviewed, getting a member registration, filling out a form. Small businesses should optimize these segments in accordance with the area in which they work.

The example above clearly states what you want to do. After schematizing the process steps, the reader was requested to be activated by the button on the bottom.

At this point, the button design should be considered as HTML code, not as an image. From the following hierarchy picture, the reader’s attention was first drawn in the title. In the body text, the message was explained and interest was sought. Finally, the reader who was interested was expected to take action by clicking the green button.

Olarak Click ”,“ register ”, etc. are unnecessary and general. In the example above, an interesting message, such as göster show me how to work less ”is considered.

Short Topic Lines

Every day dozens of e-mails come to our e-mail boxes. How many do we open? Maybe none of them… We’re opening emails that interest us. How are we interested without seeing the content? First of all, we look at where the mail came from and read the subject line. When we click, we encounter optimized content. Our interest either increases or we take action or we send the mail to the trash. If small businesses do not want to fall into this situation, they should pay attention to these stages. Because all of them, including the subject line, are important as a mechanism. A rule of thumb is to use short subject lines. Most mobile devices display the first six or seven words of the subject line. Therefore, this situation is critical. Retention Science’s research documents this.

You can use the question style in the subject line. “How” questions that will make the readers curious will be effective. You can suggest coupons or discounts. You can also test the use of emoji in the subject line in your A / B tests .

Especially the recent e-mail service providers (gmail, outlook, yandex, etc.) under the subject line preheader preview shows that we need to pay attention to this area. A good preheader is important for the user to open the mail.



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