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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Ranking factors in Google 2021

Ranking factors in Google 2021

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Mon, Jul 19, 21, 10:25, 7 Months ago
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Ranking factors in Google 2021
It seems that everything is transparent at Google. To reach the top, a page must be of high quality, i.e. it must answer the user's query as completely and accurately as possible. Being better than the competition is the basic promotion algorithm that Google officially proclaims.
But quality - a relative term. Each search engine has hundreds of criteria for evaluating pages. The ranking algorithms are adjusted every year. Some criteria fall to second or third place, others become leaders.
Here is a list of the most important factors for being at the top of Google's rankings in 2021.
Some of them are officially confirmed by the company. The others have been calculated according to empirical values: SEOs have established a correlation between the presence of a factor on a website and the increase/decrease of positions. If you have a problem with your website regarding SEO we provided you Best SEO Company.
The most important trends for 2021
These trends became evident in the UK-language Google in 2019-2020. In 2021, their role increases.
1. Search engine friendliness is shifting towards in-depth expert content. The term E-A-T - expert, authoritative, trustworthy - has appeared. This means that "good" content is created by professionals. The expertise should be reflected in the depth of the topic and in the vocabulary. Google does not like anonymous content and attaches great importance to the reputation of the company and the author.
2. For YMYL (Your Money Your Life) pages, the lack of expertise is crucial. In the English version of Google, YMYL covers all topics directly or indirectly related to health or finance. For example, childcare, food, shopping, real estate and employment. The UK-language Google started with medicine, finance and law. By 2021, the list of YMYL topics will expand to include construction, insurance, veterinary care and more. Although experts say that in Runet, the requirements are even more flexible than in the West.
3. Google ranking is based on link factors. Quality links from trusted and authoritative resources are increasingly important. For the search engine, this is an indicator of the reputation of the website.
4. Google gives priority to mobile content. Smartphone usability is the name of the game.
Domain factors
SSL certificate (https://). Google has officially confirmed that a security certificate affects a website's ranking.
Age of the domain. The older the resource, the more authoritative it is.
The next renewal date of a domain. The idea is that if the webmaster is serious about developing the website, he will pay for the domain some years in advance. In Runet, however, this is not always possible. The domain registrars in the . RU, SU and RF do not renew them beyond one year. International domains can be renewed for a maximum of 10 years.
The key is in the domain or sub-domain. This is a double-edged sword. The key is (especially in the beginning) an indicator of relevance. But now, the Google search engine evaluates such a site with a particular bias, and it is easier to fall under the sanctions.
History of the domain. If the site has been sanctioned for pirated content, spam, pornography, etc., this is a negative SEO factor, even if the resource is now perfect.
Public WhoIs information. A small but subtle drawback is that the owner's details are hidden via the "Protect record details" option. Only works for international zones. Under the rules for .RU, .RF, .SU zones, owner details are hidden by default.
Penalised owner WhoIs. If the owner of a resource grossly violates Google's rules, all his sites may be penalised.
Country, region, territory range. TLD extensions such as, allow to rank in a particular region. But SEO experts believe that this can worsen the position in a global search.
Domain parking. This is a negative factor. Parked domains (i.e. blocked mirrors of the main domain) are removed from the search. If you want SEO of your website we provide complete Best SEO Agency.
Page-level factors
Title. The exact occurrence of the key at the beginning of the title is a positive factor.
Description. Has an indirect effect on rankings. Often displayed in a snippet as an ad. Calculated on the user, a well-written description increases the click-through rate.
H1 tag. The keyword in H1 has a lot of weight. However, it is important not to take too many samples. The title is above all intended for the user: it must be


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