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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Press releases that can boost your brand

Press releases that can boost your brand

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Mon, Sep 20, 21, 04:26, 1 Month ago
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A press release is an official recorded or written document that your brand gives to the journalists and publication. It is also known as a news release or press statement. These are short and concise documents used as the brand recognition strategy. The press release is written or designed for the purpose of getting partners, customers, and the interest of other companies in what you are doing. The best essay writer can write a presentable and newsworthy press statement, yet the guidelines for it vary then the essay. These also help show the customer that you share their values and your position as a brand. Press releases are written mostly on these occasions:

  • Launch of new product
  • New updates on products
  • Relocation or opening a new office
  • Refreshing or rebranding
  • New hiring for your team
  • An award reception
  • Charity and community service

These press releases are aimed not only at differentiating you from your competitors and getting the attention of the press but also help in spreading the brand reach through cost-effective tools of social media. It also attracts backlinks and prospective customers.


What purpose does it serve?

  • Press release drives more traffic to your website
  • It widens and strengthens the reach of your brand
  • It helps in improving Google ranking
  • It lends credibility and boost’s company’s trust
  • Gives your brand a name and more control over brand reputation


 Now, the urge to stand out from your competition in the market employs press releases to express the message to the media and a larger audience. Structurally it should:


ØMention ‘Media Contact’ in the upper right corner of the page with the name, phone number, and email address of the person to contact in case of follow-up inquiries.

ØUnder the Media, Contact details states the date on which the information should be made public.

ØA headline summarizing the press release should be written in the center or on the left side of the page.

ØAfter the title, write the name of the city and state where your brand is operational. This should be in capital letters like TRENTON, NEW JERSEY – January 12, 2021.

ØWrite your announcement in an inverted pyramid style by putting the most important information in the top line and then the second important and so on. If in case the editor needs to cut short your story, the inverted pyramid will ensure the most important information stays there.

ØThe paragraphs should be double-spaced for clarity.

ØThe press release should end with the ### symbol in the center of the bottom page.


Right, oppress release guidelines.


Find a Newsworthy and Engaging Angle

The first thing that needs to be kept in mind while writing a press release is that it is not an old story nor an informal letter but an official announcement, a piece of news. Since it addresses the journalists so, it is advisable to know about the publication that will be considered as newsworthy. Before putting pen to paper, think about whether there is value in your chosen words and story. Will it interest journalists or not?


Make sure that you Target the Audience.

Like any other piece of writing, a press release should address the targeted audience effectively. Write a catchy and fitting headline coupled with interesting ideas that make it valuable and newsworthy. For that, you need to do proper research, and a press statement written with the help of a essay writing service may not do justice to your brand and business. In the social media dominant world of today, the press release may get the attention of the audience, for example, if a quote interests them or a message strikes them. They share on their social media sites, and it gets to a wider audience.


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