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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Plant-Filled Kitchen Design and Decor Tips to Bring Life Into Your Home

Plant-Filled Kitchen Design and Decor Tips to Bring Life Into Your Home

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Thu, Jul 8, 21, 09:57, 4 Months ago
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There is nothing awful than a kitchen that feels lifeless and boring. It can be a problem for many people, especially those trying to eat healthy by cooking at home more often. The lack of color and life in the kitchen can make it difficult to stay motivated! This blog will provide plant-filled kitchen design tips to help bring some life into your space while still having a functional kitchen. We hope these suggestions inspire you with new decorating options for your own home!


Benefits of Plants in the Kitchen

Having plants in the kitchen has many pros, including filtering out toxins from everyday cooking like formaldehyde and benzene. Plants also remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into your home, which is great for those who have asthma. It's a natural way to add some color without breaking the bank! You can purchase pre-made hanging plant kits or use your DIY skills to create a personalized wall of plants in your kitchen. You can also cover the wall with green high plush area rugs for a mossy look.


Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are the best option for a small kitchen because they take up very little floor space and can be placed over other items on your countertop or hung from ceiling hooks. As far as decorating tips go, try to create an asymmetrical design with different hanging pots and plants.


Mint plants

Don't have a green thumb? No problem, we can help you out with that. All it takes is the right type of plant and some careful tending to make sure your kitchen space stays beautiful all year round. Even if you don't want to keep them on display in your kitchen, they are the best option for a small kitchen because they take up very little floor space and can be placed over other items on your countertop or hung from ceiling hooks.


Shaggy Rugs

Carpet rugs are a great way to add life and softness to your kitchen without being too overwhelming. They can also be used as just an accent on the floor or wall, depending on many areas you want to cover! We have seen everything from shaggy green shaded rugs to beautiful botanical patterns, and textured modern rugs in blues and even pink. The best part about shaggy carpet rugs is that they come in a variety of different styles, perfect for your space! The bigger ones are great for covering up kitchen messes, but if all you need is something to make it cozier or add color, then the smaller size is perfect!


Decorate Shelves with Plants

Plants in the kitchen can come from anywhere, even your shelves! Using pots or jars to fill those blank spaces on your shelf rack is a quick and easy way to bring life into any space. The best part about this idea (besides being so inexpensive) is that you don't need much room for it! If you want something more cheerful and lively, you can add a few plants to your countertop, and voila!


Add Plants to Your Fridge

Another great way to bring life into space is by adding plants on top of your fridge. You don't even need much room for this, just a bit of creativity with what materials you have at hand or an inexpensive plant from your local garden. We love the idea of adding a few succulents and cacti in an old wine glass or bottle on top of my fridge as it's really easy to maintain and looks great!


Cover the Windows With Faux Bushes

If you're living in a space that doesn't get much natural light, why not try covering the window and adding some faux plants to create an illusion of greenery. It will make your kitchen feel larger than it is and give you more privacy as well! Likewise, placing small plant pots in front of the windows will be a nice touch. Moreover, If you need to make your kitchen feel more inviting, covering the window with faux bushes or placing small plant pots in front of them is an excellent idea for an instant upgrade! It's easy on the budget as well since most plants are quite inexpensive.


Cover the Surface of Your Kitchen Island with Plants

It is an outstanding idea to add natural color and life to your kitchen. Covering an entire surface in greenery also means you'll have fewer surfaces for things like dishes, cutting boards, or cookware! Plus, it's really easy to maintain, too, as all you need is some water once in a while.


Liven up Your Kitchen with Some Living Plants

Adding some living plants will give your kitchen an instant upgrade and make it feel more welcoming! They don't need much care or attention, so they work great as a temporary solution if you're waiting for something else to be installed in the meantime too. Plus, there are plenty of pretty options available to choose from, so it's easy to find something that suits your style.


Build Your Own Vertical Garden

Take advantage of the vertical spaces. Create a vertical-style garden on your kitchen wall with a few pots or planters and some of those hanging plants. You can use faux plants and flowers for a less expensive option, or invest in some real plants and flowers if you don't mind the extra expense.


Add Some Color to Your Kitchen Walls

If you're redecorating the whole room, try adding color to just one part - like the walls! It is an easy way to add that pop of brightness without investing too much time and money into it. You can also try adding flowers to the backsplash or even a bright color for your kitchen table.


Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you live in a warmer climate, creating an outdoor kitchen is easy and budget-friendly! All it takes are some pots of herbs on your countertops or window sills. Add lighting with string lights so you can see when you're cooking, even on cloudy days.


Keep Plants Alive with Weatherproofing

If your plants always seem to die, there might be something wrong with how they are being treated. Check out those plant-friendly waterproofing techniques, and the chances are that they will make a difference! You can google these techniques or check out the tips below.

  • Invest in plants that grow light to help your plants thrive indoors year-round.
  • Find ways to control moisture and humidity levels because these plants need about 50% more of each other than other vegetation types.
  • Experiment with proper watering techniques for different types of soil so you can find what works best for your plants.
  • Covering the soil in the pots with a layer of mulch will help retain moisture, keep weeds at bay, and provide nutrients to the plant roots as they break down the organic matter in a pile.
  • Add some soil every year so that you can gradually build up healthy layers over time without spending money.
  • Don't forget plants are not just for the kitchen - they look great in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces too!


Summing Up

Our plant-filled kitchen design and decor tips should help you bring a little life into your home. We hope that now you have some amazing suggestions on how to brighten up your space with plants, flowers, or other natural elements without running out of time! If this post has motivated you to start thinking about what's missing in your kitchens, we know just the place for you. RugKnots offers an extensive selection of area rugs from all over the world--in different shapes, styles, and sizes--all at very affordable prices.




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