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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Massage therapy for better health

Massage therapy for better health

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Fri, Jul 16, 21, 07:55, 4 Months ago
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Massage therapy for better health

What are the secrets of massage therapy for better health? How can something as pleasant as a massage affect the efficient functioning of the human body? Many people who are ignorant of the health benefits associated with massage treatment ask these critical questions. When done correctly by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or certified massage therapist, manipulation of the tendons, muscles, and skin of the body can improve many painful conditions.


Many doctors recommend massage therapy to improve health in certain stressful situations. For example, men and women who try to break an unhealthy habit, like smoking or overeating, often find that massage helps them relax and stick to their schedules. Studies have shown that diabetics and alcoholics tolerate treatment much better when massage therapy is added. Patients with depression, eating disorders, or anxiety issues may also find massage therapy to be a valuable tool. Massage Center in Karama


Modern researchers are beginning to discover that stress is the root of many modern illnesses. From headaches and bowel issues to stiff muscles and back pain, if stress isn't the cause of the problem, it certainly exacerbates these conditions. Clients who use massage therapy for better health reap many benefits from the stress relief it offers, but it should never be used as a substitute for traditional medicine without first consulting a doctor.


Massage also improves blood circulation


This aids digestion and reduces muscle stiffness. Athletes, whether they are amateurs or professionals, are particularly vulnerable to muscle injuries. Massage can increase blood flow to these areas, providing faster relief. An added bonus to the better circulation caused by massage is better brain function. People who receive massage therapy for better health find that they are more alert and remember things more easily, possibly due to better oxygen circulation in the brain.

Studies have long shown that stress is harmful to the immune system. Some have shown that massage therapy to improve health increases the number of natural defense cells circulating in the system. This allows the body to fight off virus attacks, which could mean fewer colds and flu. Doctors have also found that those already suffering from catastrophic illnesses like AIDS or cancer respond favorably to massage therapy. While it is not a cure for these conditions, it does help relieve emotional turmoil, fatigue caused by treatments, and pain or stiffness.


Touch has a physical and emotional response in all humans. The connection felt through skin-to-skin contact with another person can boost self-esteem, making people with serious health issues feel special. Children born with deformities, cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, and people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness can feel normal and pampered during a massage therapy session. They receive the full attention of a qualified masseur whose hands convey only kindness and concern to help them regain good health.

3 quick tips for connecting with your customers

Profile of your clients: You should profile and thank one or two of your clients each month, whether in your newsletter and/or by putting a picture of the two of you together in your waiting room. I cannot stress enough how much people yearn for and appreciate being recognized.

Treat yourself! - Put your image in your sales letters, newsletter, website, and business cards, anything that combines a face with a name. Also, don't worry about being so “professional”. Write your way of speaking. Talk about your personal life (but don't talk about your family's dirty laundry, just open up a bit).

Do not try to convince them to do a massage technique

Give customers what they want! - Do not try to convince them to do a massage technique that they are not interested in. I see that a lot of therapists make this mistake. Let your audience talk to you. If the majority are coming to you for general stress relief, design massage packages that do just that. If they come to you primarily from injury, then focus more on medical massage techniques.


Now here are some footnotes to make sure you keep your relationship with your clients and avoid getting into trouble;) Make sure you have WRITTEN permission from your clients every time you get a testimonial of a customer or want to use their photo.


When it comes to being nice: Be professional! I know I mentioned being "too professional" above, but that doesn't mean you post a photo of yourself that doesn't match your goals and objectives!


Regarding the third point above, you can always sell clients more lucrative massage packages. What I'm saying is that if a client lets you know that they prefer “hands-on bodywork”, you are not going to convince them to try a Reiki .


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