Love Blooms: Discover Which Side Your Boutonniere Goes On


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In​ the dance ​of ‌love and elegance, every detail matters – from the flutter of a ‍delicate lace veil⁢ to the soft whisper⁣ of ‍petals in a bouquet. But⁣ amidst the flurry of decisions for​ the perfect day, one⁣ question often sparkles like a‌ hidden gem:⁣ which side does a boutonniere go on? Join ⁣us on‍ a ​journey through tradition, symbolism, and the ‍tender embrace of old-world charm as ⁣we uncover⁢ the secrets‌ of this small but significant sartorial choice. Let us unlock the​ mysteries of love’s adornment and ⁢celebrate the eternal‍ beauty of a ‍boutonniere.

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The Timeless Tradition of Wearing a Boutonniere

When​ it comes to , one of ‍the most common questions that arise is which side does a boutonniere​ go on? While there is no hard and fast rule, tradition states that ⁣the boutonniere ⁤is typically worn⁣ on the left lapel of a ⁢suit jacket or tuxedo. This tradition​ dates back to ​the 19th century when gentlemen would wear fresh ⁢flowers to events⁤ as a symbol of wealth⁣ and ⁢sophistication.

Wearing⁣ a boutonniere on the ⁢left lapel not only adds a touch of elegance to your attire⁣ but also holds‌ symbolic meaning.‌ The ‍left‌ lapel​ is said to be closer to the heart, representing love and⁢ passion.​ By wearing a boutonniere on this side, you‍ are showcasing your⁤ romantic and sentimental side, making it the perfect accessory for ⁤weddings, proms, or any special occasion.

Left Lapel Right⁤ Lapel
Symbolizes love and passion Can symbolize⁣ individuality
Traditional placement Less common

Choosing ‌the Perfect Side for ⁤Your Boutonniere

When it ‍comes to ⁤, it’s essential to consider traditional etiquette and ⁣personal style. The boutonniere is ​a small ⁤floral decoration ‌worn on the⁢ lapel of a‍ suit jacket or tuxedo. It adds a touch of elegance​ and ​sophistication ‌to any ‌formal outfit, making it a crucial ‍accessory for special occasions like weddings ⁢or proms.

So,⁢ which side does a boutonniere go on? Traditionally, boutonnieres are worn‌ on the left lapel of‌ the jacket, just above the heart. This placement is ⁢symbolic of love and⁢ celebration, making it the preferred side for most formal ⁢events. However, some‍ modern grooms and individuals⁣ choose to wear their boutonniere ⁣on the right ‌lapel ​for a‌ unique​ and personal touch.

If you’re unsure which side to choose for your ‌boutonniere, consider your⁤ personal style, the overall look of your outfit, and any cultural traditions⁤ you want​ to honor. Ultimately, the‍ most ⁣important thing is to wear your boutonniere‍ with confidence and⁣ embrace the symbolism behind​ this beautiful floral accessory.

Etiquette and Elegance: The Art ​of Wearing​ a Boutonniere

When it comes to the art ‍of wearing a boutonniere,​ one key question that⁣ often⁣ arises ⁢is which side to place this elegant⁣ accessory. Traditionally, a ‌boutonniere is‌ worn on the left lapel of a suit jacket or blazer. This tradition dates back ⁢to the​ 19th century when men used to wear boutonnieres‌ as a symbol ​of their social status and affiliation⁣ with a certain group. Placing the boutonniere on the left side allows it‍ to​ be closer to the heart, symbolizing love and honor.

The placement of ⁢a⁢ boutonniere ⁢on ⁢the left​ lapel‍ also has ⁢practical reasons. Placing it on the left ⁣side keeps it ⁣away ‍from obstructing the​ movements of the​ right hand, making it easier to ​greet others⁤ or shake hands without the ‌risk of damaging ‍the delicate flower. Remember, the boutonniere should‌ be ‍placed through the buttonhole of‍ the⁢ lapel, slightly angled‍ downwards for⁢ a⁣ sophisticated​ and classic ‍look. ⁣Whether you are‌ attending ⁢a wedding, a formal event, or just ⁣want to add a ⁢touch of‌ elegance to ⁣your ⁤everyday attire, wearing a boutonniere on the left lapel is a timeless and‍ romantic choice.

Expert Advice: Ensuring Your Boutonniere is⁢ Properly Placed

When‍ it comes to ensuring your boutonniere⁢ is ‌properly placed, there is​ a timeless tradition ⁣that dictates its positioning. The boutonniere, a floral accessory worn by the​ groom and his groomsmen, should always be ‌worn on the left lapel‍ of the jacket. This tradition stems from the medieval era when knights would wear their lady’s colors close to⁤ their ⁢heart, symbolizing ⁢their loyalty⁤ and devotion.

Placing the boutonniere on the ⁤left lapel allows it to be closer​ to the heart, symbolizing love and passion.‌ It also aligns with the placement of other traditional accessories, ​such as the ⁣pocket square and corsage. ​By following this age-old tradition, you can ensure⁣ that your boutonniere is not only properly‌ placed⁢ but ⁣also carries a deeper ⁣meaning of love and ​devotion on your special ‍day.


Q: Where does a ‌boutonniere⁣ go on a ‍suit?

A:⁢ Ah, such‌ a lovely‍ question! A boutonniere is ‍traditionally worn on the ⁢left lapel⁣ of a suit jacket. It⁢ adds a touch of elegance and⁢ sophistication⁢ to any‌ outfit.

Q: What side of​ the suit is the⁣ boutonniere pinned on?

A: The boutonniere is ​pinned on the left lapel of the suit jacket, closest to the ⁤heart. This symbolic gesture ⁣adds ⁤a‍ touch of sentiment ​and charm⁤ to the⁢ wearer’s attire.

Q:​ Why is the ‍boutonniere worn on the left side?

A: Wearing a boutonniere on the⁤ left side ‌of the suit is a long-standing tradition that dates ‍back to medieval ⁣times. It is believed that ⁤by placing the boutonniere on the⁣ left lapel, closest to the‌ heart, it symbolizes love, passion,⁤ and commitment.

Q: Can a boutonniere be worn on ⁤the right side as well?

A: While the traditional ⁣placement of a boutonniere is on the left‍ lapel ‍of a​ suit, some ⁤may choose to wear it‍ on the right side as a⁤ personal preference. However, ‍the‍ left side is considered the customary⁢ and preferred location for⁢ a boutonniere.

Q:⁣ What types of flowers are commonly used ⁤for⁢ boutonnieres?

A: ⁤Roses, carnations, and lilies‍ are popular ⁣choices for‍ boutonnieres due ⁣to their elegant and timeless ‍appeal.‌ However, any small⁢ and delicate flower can be used to create a stunning boutonniere that adds a touch of romance to any ‍outfit.

In Retrospect

In⁤ the symphony​ of a wedding day, the boutonniere plays ⁢a sweet and⁢ subtle tune, adding a ⁢touch of‍ elegance and ⁢charm to the ensemble. So, dear reader,⁤ next ⁤time you ‍find yourself fastening a ‌boutonniere to ⁣your lapel, remember​ the age-old tradition⁢ of placing it on the left side, just above your heart. Let your​ boutonniere ⁢be ‍a symbol of love and devotion, a token of the special​ bond you share with your‌ partner. Embrace the‌ beauty of⁤ tradition and let your heart lead the way, as you dance through life hand in ​hand with the one⁤ you love.

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