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Important Details You Must Know When Washing Your Car

Important Details You Must Know When Washing Your Car

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Thu, Jul 29, 21, 05:31, 6 Months ago
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Many people might think that washing a car is a simple process. But it only seems easy. It’s quite a time taking work to clean those dirty tires. However, using the right tools and techniques makes it easy for you to wash your car at home.

As nothing is better than having a clean shining. So you must want to keep a clean car. For this purpose, wash it regularly. To make your work easier, we are sharing some must-know tips about car wash. By knowing them, you could do so easily at your home.

Required Tools

First, you should know about the proper tools required for washing a car. These include a water pipe with a variable nozzle, a car washing mitt, car washing liquid, brush for cleaning wheels, and a large towel to dry it. Some additional tools, such as rubber gloves, and a vacuum cleaner could also be used.

You should not use any soap or washing material other than a proper car washing liquid to clean it. This washing liquid is specialized to protect the paint of the car.

Washing Place

The biggest ever mistake is to wash your car in sunny weather, and many people are doing this. By washing it under the sun it will dry quickly leaving watermarks or soap marks behind. So the best place to park it during washing is a shady place. The place should be vast enough to easily open and close the doors.

Washing the Wheels

Before everything, clean the tires of the car because these are the dirtiest parts. You never want to see this garbage near you. To clean them, you should use a brush. Clean them properly from every side to rinse off the litter. Give special attention to the areas around nuts.

Cleaning the Exterior and Interior of Car

Clean the exterior of the car by starting from the roof to gradually coming down. Use car washing mitt and liquid for this process. After that use a water pipe with a variable nozzle to clean the soap from the car. Then use a big towel to absorb moisture from the surface as evaporation of water leave marks.

After that, clean the interior by using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to bring out all the things present in the car before using a cleaner. Then use an electrostatic cloth to remove dirt from seats.

Cleaning the Windows and Glass

Clean glass is necessary for your safety. The Best way to clean them is to use a glass cleaner and a paper towel. Don’t apply cleaner to the glass directly, drip it on a towel, and then clean the glass. Be careful while cleaning the side mirrors.

Keeping It Clean

After washing, you must want to keep it in that way. To do so check the area of parking completely before parking. Never park your car under trees. Avoid using damaged or dusty roads. And wash your car frequently, at least once a weak.

By following these tips, you will be able to wash your car properly and probably in less time. For enhanced cleaning, consider getting car detailing services.  



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