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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
How Wearable Devices Paired with Mobile Applications

How Wearable Devices Paired with Mobile Applications

Thu, Sep 16, 21, 01:31, 1 Month ago
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Are you fascinated with wearable devices due to their benefits and how they keep you updated about your health. In the modern era, the majority of people are fitness freaks. They like to live a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet. But the thing is you can't entirely blame them cause it is a requirement due to the unhealthy atmosphere, horribly processed food products available in the market which start causing you lots of diseases. People started joining a gym and to track their health records they had to bring their smartphones to the gym. There must be so many people who ended up breaking their phones while doing the exercise.

One of the main reasons why wearable devices were invented was that you didn't need to hold them in your hand and do multitasking. Every necessary information that you needed was on your wrist. Wearable smartwatches are one of the creative inventions because now you don't have to bring your phone to the gym. After syncing your smartwatch to your smartphone you will answer your phone calls, count calories, keep your blood pressure in check, check your heartbeat rate, even track your sleep pattern, see all of the messages and notifications on your smartwatch, you can even make an online payment with the help of this watch.

Isn't that amazing what you can do with this smart gadget? Where in the past watches were only used to show you time now after modification it can do so much. Even mobile app developers realized that designing apps for smartwatches will benefit them and their careers immensely. Where it was a tough job to create an app for the small screen device. Still, they were able to make it possible and were able to add the same function as smartphones. Google and Apple were the first companies that introduced people to wearable smartwatches apps.

How to Pair a Smartwatch with an Android phone?

Steps to Pair Android phone to Smartwatch using SpeedUp App

  1. Visit the Google store and type the SpeedUp app in the search engine once it shows the result. You can now download the SpeedUp App.
  2. Turn on your device's Bluetooth.
  3. Now you have to turn on the discoverable mode.
  4. Go to the SpeedUp App on your phone and follow the instructions mentioned there so you can equip it for the pairing. Now look for its name in the gadgets name list and you can continue the pairing procedure.
  5.  Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  6. Now go to the SpeedUp Smartwatch app on your Android phone and look for its Bluetooth name. Once you see the name press on the "Bond".
  7.  Once you receive the pairing notification. Click on the " Pair" on your Android phone.
  8. It will take some time for the pairing procedure to be completed. To get the confirmation you can press the send notification option on your device if it is going to vibrate then the pairing is done.

How to Pair your Apple Smartwatch to your iPhone?

  1. Go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
  2. Now press on My Watch, On the top of your phone screen, you can see All Watches press on it.
  3. Now turn off Auto Switch
  4. To ensure that pairing is done successfully. Touch and press on the bottom of your smartwatch screen. Now Swipe up to go to the Control Center, over here you can check the current connection status icon.

Final Verdict:

Believe it or not, wearable devices are becoming necessary just like a smartphone and they exist to make our life easier and to act as our health guide. Currently, you still need a smartphone to run your wearable devices. Maybe in the future, wearable devices can work independently without any pairing. If you are unable to buy a new phone there are sites and local stores that sell old phones at reasonable prices to consumers. You can even gift both a smartphone and smartwatch to someone old in your family so they can keep track of their health.



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