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The sat exam fees in India in rupees are around INR 6200 to 7000. Apart from the general SAT, a scholar can sit for the SAT subject test which can be useful under convinced circumstances. The SAT subject fee is around ~$111, though the position of subject tests is gradually lessening in general.

The SAT Score Services & Fees

After you provide the sat exam fees in India, the next step while getting the reports, you will want to receive, and send out your scores.

SAT Fees Refund Process

Before canceling & request a refund, you must distinguish the procedures that are needed to be followed after the SAT cancellation process:

  • SAT Exam n fee cannot be refunded later than 5 days before the test day.
  • The canceled registrations are partially refunded. You will get $10 if they cancel 5 days before test day.
  • The refunds are processed beginning 6 weeks after the test date.
  • SAT Score reports with registration are refundable only if you were absent on the test day.
  • Also, the extra score reports may be refunded if orders are canceled in 24 hours and have not been sent.
  • In case you do not need to transfer the SAT Subject Tests registration, you can contact customer service to request cancellation.

SAT Fee Waiver

SAT Fee Waiver includes two free SATs and two free Answer Services. So, if you are eligible for an SAT waiver, then you can take the SAT free twice and also get benefits while applying to university. For low-income families, SAT costs too much. This burden can be lessened if you avail of the College fee waiver scheme. To avail of the SAT waiver scheme, you need to enter the fee SAT waiver code. Then once you sign in, & fill in the requirements & click Submit option. In case, you have previously used an SAT fee waiver code, then you will get your available benefits. Next, you will have to reach your counselor in case you are not able to see your fee waiver benefits in your account.

SAT Fee Waiver Registration process

The candidates who choose online registration for SAT Fee waiver want to follow the following steps:

  • The fee waiver code.
  • The name of a school counsellor or additional authorized person.
  • The way you fit for the waiver.

For the candidates who choose offline registering with a fee waiver card, you want to make sure it includes this data and send it with your paper registration form. You want to be careful while you complete the fee waiver data in the form’s payment information field. Incomplete cards will be mailed to you unprocessed.

Suitability for SAT Fee Waiver

You want to meet any of the following SAT eligibility necessities to avail of the scheme:

  • You are enrolled in or eligible to contribute to the National School Lunch Program
  • Your income falls in the guidelines for reduced-price lunches
  • Your family receives public aid
  • You are enrolled in a federal, or local program for low-income students
  • Do you live in subsidized housing or are homeless
  • You are a ward of orphan
  • With a fee waiver, you get SAT registration & free SAT score reports.

SAT Fee Waiver Advantages

Here is the list of assistances that you can avail of to receive SAT fee waiver:

  • You can take two free SATs, with or without an essay
  • You get six free SAT Subject Tests
  • You will get two free Question & Answer Service or Student Answer Service reports
  • You get asses to limitless score reports sent to colleges
  • Also, there will be fee discounts for score verification reports
  • If you are a U.S applicant studying overseas you get no non-U.S. regional fees for any free tests
  • In case you are in the U.S. or U.S. territories, you will be charged no such late registration fees for free tests

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