How to Read the Quran Effectively with Online Classes

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With more and more people worldwide wanting to learn how to read the Quran effectively, Quran Classes Online on Skype are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to in-person Quranic learning centers. With in-person classes, students must attend the classes on a regular basis and often have to travel long distances to get there; with online courses, students can sign up for classes at the click of a button and watch the lessons from the comfort of their own home or office. It’s really no wonder why so many people are choosing to take Quranic courses online!

Get Started
In this course, we will teach you how to read the Quran effectively. You will learn how to improve your reading skills and increase your understanding of what you are reading. We use Skype for teaching so that we can have a collaborative experience with our students. This way you can ask questions and talk with us throughout the lesson without having to leave home.

Understand Arabic Script
The best way to prepare yourself for reading is to practice. Practice as much as possible, in any spare time you have. You’ll find that it becomes easier and easier with time, and before you know it, your mind will have memorized the verses and you won’t need your phone or a paper for reference. The next step is just reading by heart. When you recite from memory, your recitation becomes more natural and fluid. This is because memorizing the verses is like learning a language—you can’t just speak from memory without understanding what you are saying! As such, after mastering recitation from memory, read with comprehension in order to learn about different aspects of Islam that are mentioned in each verse.

Learn Basic Reading Skills
The first step to reading the Quran is learning how to read Arabic. There are two ways you can learn how to read Arabic. One is by taking formal courses, which will teach you how Arabic letters are pronounced and how they work together in words. The second way is by studying with a tutor or independently through books or websites that teach you this skill.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice makes perfect. The best way to increase your understanding of Quran is by reading it. There are different ways in which you can make this a regular habit. You can take part in Ramadan and read at least one page a day during this time, or you could set aside some time every day for study and reading. The point is that you need to make a commitment, because there is no substitute for putting in the effort and hard work if you want good results.

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