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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
How to perform a self-massage

How to perform a self-massage

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How to perform a self-massage?

Obviously, you would probably like to have a qualified masseuse give you a massage and then do it yourself. But if you're like most people, you don't always have the free time or the money to go to a massage therapist. Getting a massage is a great alternative while saving money. If you have insurance that covers massage, you're in luck. But you can always do a simple self-massage between your appointments with your therapist, to relax your sore muscles.


The main idea behind a "do-it-yourself" massage is to rub the common painful areas of your body that a masseuse would caress. You are probably massaging yourself without even thinking, stroking your shoulders after leaning on a keyboard for hours, rubbing your head when you have a headache, or massaging your feet after a long walk Here are some message ideas to get you started. Korean Massage in Tecom


Back massage

Take a tennis ball and sit in a chair with a straight back. Place the tennis ball on the painful areas of your back and lean back in the chair. Lean back on the ball. Take ten deep breaths and repeat the process at least twice.


Head massage

Place your hands on the scalp and begin to massage in a clockwise direction. Start at the hairline and work up to the nape of the neck. Take a deep breath and massage as you breathe. Don't forget to change your address.


Foot massage

Wash your feet and apply lotion or oil. Sit in a comfortable chair and put one foot on the thigh of the other leg. Run the fingers of one hand over your toes, spreading them apart. Place the palm of your hand against the sole of your foot. Rotate your forefoot joints back and forth for one minute with the palm of your hand. Repeat with the other foot. Then, hold the ankle with one hand and slowly turn the foot with the other hand. Make sure to easily start with small circles and enlarge them. Change the direction. Repeat with the other foot.


Neck massage

Place the fingers behind the neck, pressing the heels of the palms into the neck on either side of the spine. Begin to gently move the heels of your hands up and down. Place the fingers of your right hand on the muscle along the left side of your neck, just below the base of your skull. Press on this muscle, tilt your head to the left and rub toward your shoulder. Repeat twice and then switch sides.

Shoulder Adjustment

Cross your arms across your chest and grasp one shoulder with each hand. Squeeze your shoulders and release five times. Move your hands along your arms, squeeze and release.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known for its natural way of relaxing our body, mind, and senses. It also improves beauty and health, creating a more relaxing feeling, while experiencing tranquility. It is widely regarded as an energy booster and also provides a feeling of relaxation. Those who practice it as one of their worksheets create a sense of calm and keep the person active all the time.


This healing practice includes the use of pure essential oils applied in various ways to treat our bodies. This includes baths, inhalations, and massages. You will feel the sensation of the energizing and relaxing effect of aromatherapy.


By the way, the word aromatherapy comes from two words combined: aroma which means fragrance, while therapy means treatment. Our ancestors used this treatment to achieve a more relaxing and healthy feeling, even centuries ago.

Aromatherapy as a revitalizing and calming treatment

Also, aromatherapy as a revitalizing and calming treatment works primarily in tune with your body. In fact, after doing this practice, you will feel that your body becomes stronger, more active, and more alive because it was nourished by complex nutrients. The essential oils used are pure enough to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit, leaving you feeling healthier.


These essential oils used in aromatherapy come from natural and organic elements, so they are effective in treating your body. Following an aromatherapy treatment, these oils quickly infiltrate the skin and react with our bodies, making us feel more energized. It is like a magical liquid, which transforms our mind and body into something more energetic and calm. Chinese Massage in Al Barsha


Many claim that using pure essential oils during workouts can have a great effect on relaxation and energy. Once inside our body, these oils work to eliminate harmful chemicals and help in the production of new and healthy cells. This is because we can instantly feel that our body is energized and relaxed.


Taking into account these details, aromatherapy as a stimulating and calming treatment is normally performed in the form of massage where it is more effective to penetrate the essential oils in our body. These are absorbed by our body organs and help to develop the natural functions of our entire body.


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