How to give a girl a thigh massage with the tamponade technique

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How to give a girl a thigh massage with the tamponade technique?

Thigh massage can improve circulation and tone muscles quite well. Suctioning involves the use of the hand in the form of suction cups, and the hand is then used to lightly tap or “tap” the muscle. The method compresses the skin and tissues while boosting circulation and tone, and it is always done after a preliminary and deeper rubbing action.


To perform a thigh massage with the cupping technique, you must first use the gentler “effleurage” process which rests on a gentle and slippery movement that introduces oils into the skin and warms the muscle for the work thoroughly.

To begin, the receiver is placed on his back with his arms comfortably extended at his sides. The provider will stand at knee level and place one hand with a flat palm along the lower thigh muscle region. They will place the palm of the other hand on your wrist and use that hand to slowly increase the pressure of your movements.

They will start with a single movement

They will start with a single movement of the hand with the muscle and return to the starting position. They will then quickly raise their hands and shape them into a cup, placing the “pink sides” of both hands at the starting point, they will make slight up and down tapping movements along their original trajectory.

This process is repeated three times along multiple trajectories of motion, rubbing followed by sectional tapping. Pathways of movement tend to include the outer thigh, the upper thigh, and the inner thigh. The process can also be repeated on the back of the thigh, with the recipient also lying on the stomach.


The cupping technique tends to improve reflexes and also tone the muscles and is a sure way to increase the quality of circulation throughout the leg. It is always combined with a rubbing technique to avoid discomfort, and the whole process should also be opened and closed with a short period of stimulation of the effleurage.

How to massage the thighs with effleurage techniques?

While effleurage techniques tend to be used strictly when opening and closing a massage, the light, slippery movements on which they are based are also a suitable way to convey a message to the thigh area.


However, it is important to master effleurage before using it as the sole method of administering a thigh massage. On the one hand, the technique requires a fluid movement that never breaks contact with the receiver, and all movements of the hand are directed towards the heart or upwards.


To begin a thigh massage, the recipient should be lying on their back with their arms comfortably extended at their sides. The use of massage oil during treatment is absolutely essential, and you may want to ask if the recipient wants an aromatic or therapeutic oil instead of the standard massage cream.

The provider will stand at the knee

The provider will stand at knee height and place their hands on the thigh above the knee. A little general effleurage should be used to distribute the oil, then the hands should return from the top of the knee to the bottom of the thigh. Here, one hand is placed flat on the thigh muscle and the other hand is placed on the wrist.‚ 

With firm, but gentle and constant pressure, the hand should follow the entire length of the thigh, with the fingers slightly spread upwards. The hand should then remain in contact with the muscle as it glides toward the knee. This is repeated three times, each repetition applying a little more pressure.

After the third rep, the hands will slide on either side of the thigh muscle and use fan-shaped fingers following various paths to the front of the leg. Most receptors require three different paths of movement: the outer, upper, and inner thigh. Each path of movement is repeated three times. The process can also be repeated in the same way with the receiver also lying face down.

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