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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
How to Find Surrogate without Agency

How to Find Surrogate without Agency

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Mon, Jun 28, 21, 19:08, 8 Months ago
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Finding a surrogate is a major event in the lives of the intended parents. There are couples and intended parents who choose to find a surrogate without agency. It is called independent surrogacy. In this process, an identified surrogate is chosen. Oftentimes, these surrogates are friends or relatives of the intended parents. If you are pursuing surrogacy without agency, and if you are still trying to find out a surrogate, there are some things in the matching process that you should remain aware of. This writing will guide you as the intended parents to find out a surrogate without agency.

Find Relative or Friend as Surrogate

Tell everyone you know that you need a surrogate without agency. If you can choose one of your relatives or friends as your surrogate, it will give you relief from the trouble you will otherwise have to go through to find a surrogate. For example, you can convince a maternal or paternal cousin sister who has a soft corner for you or a female friend who had been in good relation with you during the days of your high school with her. This will give you an opportunity to find her easily and build up an emotional and positive social relationship with her. You will also be able to avoid many other problems like being introduced to a new woman as a surrogate, communication problems if she is of a different culture, race, or language.

Discuss with Your Surrogacy Clinic

If you do not become successful to find a surrogate without agency, your second way to find a surrogate without agency is your surrogacy clinic or fertility clinic. You ought to contact a surrogacy clinic for the surrogacy process. The clinic knows your problems and interests well. Now, you have to tell them that you want to find a surrogate without agency. Also, request them to find a surrogate for you according to your need. They most often have good connections with the interested surrogates. If they find such an interested one, they will let you know.

Use Social Media

When you feel that you are getting delayed in finding a surrogate without agency even after trying among your friends and relatives and requesting your surrogacy clinic, you can use social media as your third way to find a surrogate without agency. Social media platforms are very famous and becoming effective day by day. You can post on social media platforms informing your present situation, highlighting that you want to find a surrogate without agency. As online communities are prevailing around the world, there is a high chance that you might get a positive result this way.

Other Ways

Other ways to find a surrogate without an agency include posting on surrogacy articles, creating a website to match the potential surrogate, creating a Facebook page to find a surrogate, making a pitch to your local media, and joining free meet-up groups and forums on surrogacy etcetera.

The process of finding a surrogate without agency for the intended or would-be parents is typically a complex one. The journey to surrogacy is not smooth, and finding a surrogate without agency is also not very easy. It requires a lot of patience. Failed matches can happen many times. To get a perfectly matched surrogate, may require a year or two. That time might be painful. But once you find out and match a surrogate for you without agency, that long time of hardship will be meaningful to you, and that is enough to make you happy.


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