How to Choose a Pore Cleaner?

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A pore cleaner is a must-have artefact for every beauty-loving lady. So, is a pore cleaner useful? How to choose a pore cleaner? Let’s take a look at what the editor shared.

Tips for Picking a Pore Cleaner

Be sure to choose a pore cleaner with strong suction, which will save effort when cleaning.

It is best to use dry batteries for pore cleaners, which are relatively energy-saving. It is also convenient to use.

Choose one that is small, light, and easy to carry.

Be sure to choose products of big brands for purchase and use, which are more effective and quality certified, and can have good after-sales service.


Remove makeup before cleansing to avoid clogging pores.

Avoid staying in one place for too long, so as not to leave marks.

Do not use it on pimples or acne, as it may damage the skin. Wash your face and apply care products after use Superdrug NHS Discount Code.

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How to use double-sided glass cleaner

The glass at home is not easy to clean. It is more troublesome and dangerous to clean the high floor of the house. The double-sided glass cleaner is a magic tool for glass cleaning. Today I will share with you how to use the double-sided glass cleaner.


  1. Get the tools ready first: double-sided glassware, bucket, towel, water, glass water or dish soap.
  2. Then separate the double-sided glass cleaner and check the safety rope at the same time.
  3. Then attach the end of the double-sided glass cleaner’s safety cord to your wrist.
  4. Then put the double-sided glass cleaner in the water for a few seconds and wipe the glass with dish soap.
  5. Finally, put the side with the safety rope outside the window, and after the two cleaners are sucked through the glass, the glass can be wiped.

How to use glass cleaner

(Reproduced from “House Online”, reprinted for learning reference only, please contact to delete if there is any infringement.)


  1. How to use the glass cleaner correctly
  2. Stick the wipe to the glass cleaner.
  3. Stir the dish soap in the water and soak the cloth.
  4. The fingers are on the rings, and the ones without strings are in the window.
  5. Wipe the glass horizontally.
  6. Finally, remove the glass cleaner.
  7. Wipe off the residual water with a rag, and the glass is ready.
  8. What are the precautions for using glass cleaners?
  9. Do not use double-sided glass scrapers if the glass has been cracked or damaged.
  10. Pay special attention to double-sided glass wipes that cannot clean coated coated glass and frosted glass.
  11. Since most of glass scraper contains magnetism, please keep it away from TVs, watches, magnetic cards, etc.
  12. For very dirty glass, you should pay attention to cleaning all parts of the cleaner after the first scrubbing, so as to facilitate the second scrubbing.
  13. If there is cement and other stagnation on the glass, please use a marble spatula or blade to remove it before using a glass scraper.
  14. It is necessary to check whether the safety rope is firmly fastened, and then operate the glass wiper after tying the safety rope to the non-operating hand.
  15. When using, ensure that the cleaner has no adsorption impurities, and it needs to be cleaned before use. Because the glass scraper itself contains magnets, it is easy to absorb metal debris such as iron wires and steel wool balls.
  16. After use, clean the double-sided glass scraper and store it in a dry place, which will help prolong the service life of the double-sided glass scraper.

How to use double-sided glass cleaner

Many of us now live in buildings, and it is very difficult to clean the glass. The double-sided glass cleaner has greatly solved this problem. How should we use it



double sided glass cleaner

clear water


  1. Preparations: Prepare a basin of clean water and a certain amount of detergent, as well as 2 clean dry rags.
  2. Open the double-sided glass cleaner: Grasp one side with both hands and rotate 90 degrees in opposite directions to easily separate the two sides of the cleaner.
  3. Check the safety rope of the double-sided glass cleaner: because one piece of the cleaner is to be used on the glass surface outside the window, be sure to check whether the safety rope is secure before use.
  4. When you’re done checking, slip the plastic loop on the end of the double-sided glass cleaner’s safety cord over your finger, or simply tie it around your wrist.
  5. Soak the double-sided glass cleaner in water for a few seconds to fully absorb water, and apply a certain amount of cleaning agent on the surface of the cleaner. Put two cleaners together to make foam.
  6. Put the one with the handle on the inside, put the side with the safety rope out of the window, attract each other through the glass, and then drag the cleaner up and down, left and right to clean the window glass. After wiping, the place with water stains should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

What brand of pore cleaner is good

  1. Supple and radiant skin is the pursuit of every beauty-loving woman, so how to do it? The new beauty product pore cleaner that appeared recently is the best choice, so what brand of pore cleaner is good? Let me introduce it to you.
  2. After sucking and washing, don’t forget to use shrinking water, otherwise, your pores will become thicker and thicker, which will backfire. You can make your own cucumber juice, which is great for shrinking pores. eBay Discount Code NHS.
  3. Do not squeeze pimples or blackheads with your hands. If you squeeze the skin with your hands, it is easy to get infected.
  4. 1. Before going to bed, you must thoroughly cleanse your face. Never sleep with makeup on. Cosmetics contain lead, which is very harmful to the skin.
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