How do i fix Something’s not quite right in QuickBooks?

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If you’re having trouble getting rid of the QuickBooks “Something’s not quite right” error while changing account types, you should first learn about the constraints and restrictions. This post will go over the many types of issues that can occur while changing account types in QuickBooks Desktop, as well as troubleshooting strategies to resolve them. There are numerous varieties of this type of problem, and the error message is usually followed by a specific message depending on the account type change performed by the user.

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Change Account Types Restrictions

There are four general conditions under which altering an account type is not possible:

Making Changes to an Account That Was Created Automatically:

If an account was created automatically by the application, its type cannot be changed since these are the different sorts of accounts that serve diverse purposes, such as Inventory Asset, Opening Balance Equity, Payroll expense, Purchase orders, or Retained earnings. To make any changes, ensure that you are attempting to change an account type that was created manually by the user or that you are creating a new account.

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If the Parent Account has sub-accounts:

The type of the parent account and its sub-accounts should always be the same; if you try to alter the type of a sub-account to something other than the type of its parent account, you will receive an error notice because this is not permitted in the application. If you want to modify the type of a sub-account, you must first remove that sub-account from its parent directory. After making the necessary modifications to the type of sub-account, keep in mind that it cannot be returned to the same parent account since their kinds do not match.

Changing the kind of account (A/R) Account Receivable or (A/P) Account Payable

Account Receivable (A/R) and Account Payable (A/P) are two special accounts that cannot be changed under any circumstances because they are intended to serve specific purposes in the application. A user cannot even change an existing account type to (A/R) or (A/P); the only way to resolve this is to create a new account. Call us at any time for advanced assistance in setting up such unique accounts.

If the account makes transactions utilising the undeposited funds account type or cash

Account type cannot be changed if the account has been used for transactions requiring undeposited funds or cash, such as payments, checks, and deposits. To switch account types, select and modify such transactions in the account to use a different cash account. To discover similar transactions within an account, use the account quick report.

After conducting extensive research, our team discovered the aforementioned causes of this type of error, and now that you know how to fix QuickBooks something’s not quite right error, give it a try and don’t worry if you don’t succeed because we are always here to help, just pick up the phone and dial QuickBooks Data Services Phone Number +1-888-704-1357.

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