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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Here are the top 10 shipping aggregators for online sellers

Here are the top 10 shipping aggregators for online sellers

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Thu, Aug 12, 21, 05:35, 6 Months ago
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During this COVID-19 outbreak period, consumption patterns have changed drastically. The biggest change lockdown has brought is that the whole digital landscape has changed.  The digital revolution has reached people living in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. They attend video calls, video meetings, e-learning, etc. Various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc have also become popular for purchasing necessities and non-essentials. As well as last mile connectivity, online sellers have felt the need to have better control of their product distribution.


Online sellers became more dependent on shipping aggregators, resulting in an increasing need for them.


Transportation is benefiting from the emergence of such aggregators. Shipping aggregators are increasing, which helps e-commerce traders ship their products around the globe.


To maintain their position, almost all online sellers turn to shipping aggregators. The business can also expand and grow with it.


In order for an online seller to succeed in his or her business, he or she needs to hire shipping aggregators. One person won't be able to do everything. In any kind of business, outsourcing is essential for better management and cost reduction.

Online sellers can benefit from shipping aggregators


Transport costs can be reduced by: 


Owning a business online involves owning or renting vehicles and hiring drivers for transportation, which is very expensive. The tax for your vehicles and the fuel used during shipment must also be paid. But if you outsource the transportation, you can reduce your costs because all the changes are minimized and you are required to pay shipping aggregators the minimum fees.


The maintenance charges are reduced:


You must maintain all your vehicles if you provide your own transportation. In addition, you must make them register for commercial use. Outsourcing the transportation will eliminate the registration cost as well.


Performance Improvement:


As a result of outsourcing transportation, business owners are able to concentrate on their main work which helps expand their organizations. The future strategies of online sellers can be planned in advance. Online sellers benefit from being able to manage their accounts effortlessly, as well.


Reduction in training cost: 

 All delivery boys must be trained when you provide your own transportation. Those who outsource perform the training at no charge, whereas those who do not outsource handle all of the cost.


There is no stress of liability: 


Online sellers can avoid a lot of liability issues if they hire a shipping aggregator rather than provide their own shipment.

How to choose a shipping aggregator


  • When choosing a courier service provider, always select one that offers fast delivery, as late deliveries lead to customers losing interest in your products and staying unsatisfied.
  • In order to provide shipments to all the customers in every corner of the world, you should look for a shipping aggregator that offers their services at a global level.
  • Choosing a shipping aggregator that offers tracking and account management is more convenient, useful, and beneficial. It also helps reduce costs of the system, helping to gain profit.
  • Make sure the courier service provider you choose supports cash on delivery. You will be able to build trust and connection with your customers, resulting in the expansion of your business.


Best shipping aggregators for online sellers:

  1. Nimbus Post:




  • In order to give the best service to e-commerce buyers, it has 8 shipping partners that help online sellers to expand their business.
  • By offering affordable rates to consumers and offering discounted shipping, it provides a win-win situation for e-commerce traders and consumers alike.
  • To suit the needs of e-commerce traders, it provides 4 types of pricing plans.
  • For online sellers, it is an excellent service since it provides cash on delivery to more than 20000 pin codes. Shipping aggregator at cheap rates are offered by this site.
  • This tool offers a dashboard that allows online sellers as well as customers to track shipments.


  1. ShipYaari




  • is an old shipping aggregator, making it trustworthy for all online traders.
  • There are three different pricing plans available for online sellers to choose from, which allows them to choose a plan that suits their needs.
  • Plan subscriptions are offered monthly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • Two international and four domestic partners allow it to offer services domestically and internationally. The best shipping aggregator in India.
  • Additionally, the site offers discounted bulk shipping rates which give online sellers a profit.
  • The only problem online sellers face when contracting with Shipyaari is the lack of multi location pickup.
  1. Shipkaro




  • It is very promising and reliable shipping aggregator for online sellers.
  • It also provides 3 pricing offers to the online traders that are individual, business and enterprise to provide convenience to the traders.
  • It provides shipping domestically as well as internationally as it have 12 shipping partners. Best shipping aggregator with COD availability.
  • It gives a huge discount to online sellers for bulk shipping orders.
  • It offers full cash on delivery support at 20000+ pin codes which helps online sellers to expand their business.


  1. Pickkr




  • It works on pay per use basis which helps the small scale businesses to grow with little amount of capital.
  • It provides services domestically as well as internationally. It also provides a B2B shipping as well as B2C shipping.
  • It provides the tracking facilities to online sellers as well as to the customers which makes the customers delighted.
  • It provides pickup service as well to multiple locations which benefits the online sellers to make their customers satisfied.
  • It provides services at very low rate so that online sellers can make profit with 3 price plans to provide convenience to online sellers. Best shipping aggregator globally.
  • It also provides a NDR calling support with NDR management tools.


  1. Lalamove India



  •  It provides a faster delivery usually delivers on the same day which helps in satisfying the customers and building their trust. It is available 24/7.
  • It provides their services to 7 cities currently but it is expanding slowly and will provide services all over India.
  • It provides their services on pay as you go system which helps online sellers to save their capital for other uses.
  • It also provides the cash on delivery facility which helps the traders to grow their business. It is the best shipping aggregator with fast delivery.


  1. Zepo Couriers:




  • It offers courier service to the e-commerce sellers. It has partnership with 6 courier service companies which makes it very effective and efficient.
  • It provides delivery to 15000+ pin codes in India to reach each and every corner of India.
  • It works on a very reasonable price rates and also provides 3 price plans to the e-commerce sellers.
  • It offers discounted rates but not at monthly and half yearly subscription which creates a difficulty to new or emerging online sellers. Best shipping aggregator with huge discounts.
  • It also supports cash on delivery which gives a relief to online traders.


  1. Shyplite



  • It works on pay as you go model which helps the new or emerging online sellers as they can pay in parts and not in bulk.
  • Due to pay as you go model, it cannot provide premium advantages which becomes a great reason of large scale seller to not to choose shyplite but this proves the best courier service company for small scale e-commerce traders.
  • It is growing and has 8 courier service companies as its partner.
  • It also provides cash on delivery facility to some of the locations which helps the e-commerce traders to grow. Best shipping aggregator in India.
  • Overall, it provides the services to 26000+ pin codes in India which helps the e-commerce sellers to reach each and every corner of India.


  1. Vamaship




  • It is the cheapest alternative for the e-commerce traders which attracts almost all the online sellers.
  • It provides the shipping facilities globally with 26000+ pin codes to cover whole of the world which is very beneficial for the online sellers as it gives them an opportunity to expand their business.
  • It does not take platform usage fees and only take shipment fees which makes it the cheapest courier service.
  • It provides you a platform to send your customers a customized ‘best buying experience’ notification to delight your customers. Best shipping aggregator with tracking facilities.
  • It also supports cash on delivery all over India with a pickup facility too which helps the online sellers to build a trust of the customers all over India.


  1. ShipDroid




  • It provides an easy account management system to the online traders which helps them to calculate their sales.
  • It is economical and provides services at low rates which helps the online sellers to gain profit without pressurizing their customers.
  • It provides a dashboard to online sellers which gives all the tracking details of every minute to customers as well as to online sellers. Best shipping aggregator for online sellers.
  • It supports cash on delivery which facilitates the online sellers to make their customers comfortable and helps in building trust of customers.


  1. iThink Logistics




  • It is the best aggregator in India as it makes your shipping process easier than ever by providing many advantages.
  • It provides their shipping services at 26000+ pin codes in India which helps the e-commerce traders to expand their business.
  • It has multiple shipping partners so the online sellers can choose their courier service providers themselves.
  • It charges a minimum rate for shipping services as the charges does not include the setup fees which makes it different from other shipping aggregators. It is very useful for small scale online sellers as they do not have much capital.
  • It provides a very fast deliver with assurance of the safety of the products during the shipment process which helps in building the trust of the customers.




Shipping aggregators have emerged in the transportation sector due to the growth of e-commerce. A shipping aggregator has many benefits, including reducing transportation costs, maintenance fees, and training costs.



It is important to consider many things before hiring a shipping aggregator, such as the speed of delivery, account management and tracking, and the ability to service customers globally if your company is large.


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