7 Best Facebook Ads Agencies in USA to Look for Brand Awareness

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So, up till now, we have been discussing different marketing strategies with Facebook Ads and management. Today we are going to discuss the important part of marketing which is “brand awareness”. Although the USA is known as the hub of digital marketing, still some of the Facebook Ads agency USA lack in creating brand awareness for the client’s business or product. 

These days’ tools have made the work easier for many. The difference between hiring an agency and getting the work done from a tool is that: Tool will just convert things like a robot it would not gain you any profit or desired result, whereas hiring an agency brings you demanded results, leads, sales, and brand awareness is made possible. 

If you don’t know still, why brand awareness is important for business and how does it function? This blog is for you, so keep reading.

Brand Awareness is the campaign in which the objective is highlighted which gives the advertisers access and diverts the audience’s attention. It gives a unique metric to the brand which is called “Estimated ad recall.” It makes the analytics visible for the owner to see how many people have reached and looked for the product and Facebook estimates remember the ad. Brand Awareness brings the audience within two days. 

Now, there might be some doubts popping into your mind regarding Facebook and Ad campaigns. Here is the answer to the common doubt. How does Facebook build awareness for the brand?

  1. Building brand strategy from scratch
  2. Implementation of incentives 
  3. Marketing of content for socializing
  4. Promotions of ads
  5. Facebook Advertising and
  6. Repeat visitors on Facebook

Below mentioned is a list of seven agencies that create ads and bring authentic brand awareness to businesses and products.

Digital Spades

Digital Spades is a Facebook ads agency USA that is known for marketing services in all areas. Their focused team of experts is available 24/7. Digital Spades offers brand awareness for clients which brings maximum and organic results at any stage the client expects of marketing. They work with hard work and efficient speed. At Digital Spades, clients do not regret having come across their team and enjoy the results.

Para Core

Para Core is a Facebook Management agency. Clients can get all services of Facebook: Brand awareness, PPC, sales, leads and organic audience with hardworking performances. It is an award-winning Facebook management agency where clients can avail of all offers at cheap rates.  


Cactivate is a Facebook Ad agency where apart from services, opportunities are brought to the deserving ones. The hunting for correct service is completed at Captivate. They bring strategies for clients to grow business. They are accessible to anyone all over the world. 


Cuker is a recommended agency if one looks for brand awareness. They have an enlightened team of experts that offers services and results at maximum. Cuker has been serving clients in the field of digital marketing since 2006 and continues to bring opportunities. They can be contacted for any marketing service through their email or consultation through their website. 

Phoenix Online Media

Phoenix Online Media is the agency which designs, innovates, and generates terminologies for brand awareness of the product. They work for clients at standard and affordable rates with different opportunities for the clients to work and gain experience. For further assistance or query, the visitor can contact them on their website.

Bryant Brown

Bryant Brown was established in 1999, and from then they began offering digital marketing services. They provide services affordable for all kinds of fields. Bryant Brown is a trusted Facebook management agency where experts meet other experts with great qualities and a bundle of opportunities. For a consultation, they have a website, contact number, and customer service available 24/7. 


Outbrain agency has proved itself the best Facebook management agency in terms of various services: brand awareness, ad campaigns and reaching an audience. At Outbrain, any visitor who visits the website is beneficial for the owner as they turn the click into pay. Outbrain is one of the leading agencies where the audience, organic sales, leads and revenue are gained within one week of hiring them. 

Why Digital Spades?

Digital Spades is a Facebook ad agency USA where clients can easily ask for what they want. Digital Spades has a team of professional experts who concentrate on what is being demanded and then execute the projects. Their concentration and focused efforts make them the best agency and most affordable.  

They are recommended for services of Facebook management, e-commerce, SEO and brand awareness, etc.  

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