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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Electronic Logs To Make The Truck Fleet Work Efficiently

Electronic Logs To Make The Truck Fleet Work Efficiently

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Thu, Sep 2, 21, 02:26, 5 Months ago
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We have seen many vehicles with electronic logging devices. This device is attached to a vehicle to record the driving hours. It is beneficial for the fleet management of trucks. Sometimes it isn't easy to manage the activity of fleet drivers. This device makes the fleet manager's job easy and manageable. Are you finding Best Electronic Logbook for Truckers? Aiksphere can be the best place for you.


This company offers various services for trucking industries to increase work efficiency. This company’s Electronic Logs can help you tackle all the problems related to driver's security, root management, fuel consumption, etc. This e-logs are better than previously used paper logs. In the paper logs, the data was inconsistent, due to which the records had to be regenerated. In contrast, the electronic logging system gives us accurate data with a consistent format.


The company has different software versions such as truck tracking, dry van tracking, dispatch software (TMS), reefer tracking, ACE/ACI E manifest, and freight broker software. The company brings you to the two devices. One is an electronic logging device, and another is a dashcam. The Eld Electronic Logging Device has brung an innovative change into the transportation industry. The essential features of Elogs are:


  • GPS tracking facilities: ELD system provides the tracking facility to track the truck fleets. The fleet manager quickly gets e-log reports and check all the activities of the drivers.


  • DVIR: It refers to the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, and it has to be done by all the drivers of any commercial vehicle. The driver must look upon the previous report's defects before sending the current information.


  • Warnings: This facility is very beneficial for fleet managers to stop the drivers when needed. The fleet operator gets hours of service violations (HSV).


  • Yard moves: The blog offers a yard move facility to save the driver's time.


  • Engine diagnostic: It gives information about the engine’s performance. So, one could take care of the truck’s engine on time and avoid costly maintenance.


  • Multiple languages: The other excellent facility of e-log is that the driver's logbook may be available in various languages. It can prove beneficial for drivers to understand logbooks in Canada and take the experience of the Canada E-Log Mandate.


  • Recap math: This can help a driver to check the legal driving hours. This system makes the driver aware of the driving hours.


  • Android compatibility: You don’t need to buy any other expensive equipment to operate the Elogs Trucking system. You can use your mobile phones eld E-log apps.


Other than the E-log, Aiksphere introduces the dashcam system. This dashcam is helpful for fleet managers to check the behaviour of the drives in the driving hours. This dashcam has many great features such as real-time video email notifications that help the driver escape from an unfortunate event, avoid fake accident claims, weather monitoring, and a video download facility.


The company not only gives innovative products but also provides the best customer service. If you want a demo of any device, then you can request to see the demo. The company offers the facility of a demo for your better understanding. If you want to make your transport industry one step up, then you can visit the website. It makes the conversation hassle-free between the fleet manager and drivers.



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