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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Dricore: The go-to platform for finish flooring

Dricore: The go-to platform for finish flooring

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Wed, Sep 15, 21, 04:34, 5 Months ago
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When you think about installing of flooring at your house, you go through every alternative to choose the best one. Usually, people seek concrete as a suitable commercial flooring material. But, it is hard on the feet. Different flooring materials have varying effects on our joints. So, to keep yourself healthy, you should check every option. 

Wood flooring is another alternative to level flooringIt absorbs the stress from our feet. But, it comes with a good share of challenges. First, it raises the floor in height. Secondly, it is an expensive option. You cannot place it directly over a concrete floor.

Dricore panel system provides a solution to every flooring problem. It prevents moisture emission from the concrete floor. By softening the finish flooringit gives a soft and comfortable feel. The indoor air quality rises because of no mildew. It can support heavy gym equipment and furniture with ease. Also, it protects whatever finished flooring you choose to install. 

Dricore has a unique design that makes the installation process quick and smooth. It follows a floating floor installation process. The panel size is easy to handle. It absorbs the machinery noise better than other floorings. They are an excellent option for residents and small shop owners. However, it would help if you avoided the following mistakes before installing your floor:

  • Moisture issues:

Moisture attack is a common cause of renovating the subfloors. It promotes the growth of mould and mildew. The air quality becomes poor and causes health issues. Installing a subfloor as Dricore prevents dampness and keeps the floor dry and warm.

  • Preparing the subfloor

The finished floor requires level flooring as a base. It should be clean with no debris. Not laying the subfloor properly can cause the foot to squeak. It will become a hassle rather than an improvement.

Installing the flooring immediately 

You may be keen on laying the floor as soon as you get the material. However, it might not be a good idea. Some floorings are weak to environmental factors like humidity and moisture. Since the atmosphere is different at a warehouse and your home, the material needs to adjust before installation. 

There are many other mistakes you might be committing while installation of flooring yourself. It is necessary to consider all the instructions beforehand. Your home or workplace is a long-term investment. It deserves a luxurious treatment at nominal rates. The air gap technology boosts the airflow. You can reinvent a small room into a cozy spacious living with Dricore. 


Dricore offers a level flooring that is soft to the feet. You can conduct any activity, lift enormous weights with a reliable finished flooring.  With a strong foundation in place, you can decorate the space to your liking. Adding art, bits of equipment, the matching interior will give you a vintage look. Transform it into a library, showcase your art, or even better, infuse joy and relaxation through meditation in the cozy and warm room. Give your place a makeover and convert it into an inviting space. 

Experiment by renovating your space with trusted and superior quality materials. Your return on investment will increase with a clean, modern, and aesthetic place. Dricore is a fun, DIY activity with a detailed installation guide available. It extends your living space and elevates your exteriors. 




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