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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Discover the Six Out-of-the-box Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Discover the Six Out-of-the-box Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

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Tue, Aug 10, 21, 05:05, 3 Months ago
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Gone are the days where the couples want everything color coordinated and matched at their wedding. Many couples wish their marriage to be perfectly mismatched. They love the mismatched bridesmaid dresses, mismatched chairs, and centerpieces. However, much brainstorming goes into planning the mismatched wedding that looks perfect. It is one of the risks that couples are willing to take for their wedding. There needs to be a certain degree of uniformity to make the weddings look good.

Couples need to decide on the wedding theme. Boho and hippie wedding themes are best suited for non-color-coordinated weddings. They can look for companies who have loads of unique wedding decorations for rent in Tulsa, OKto achieve the theme they are planning for. Couples can also ponder the unique wedding decoration for a boho or hip wedding on the internet and in wedding magazines. Some of the out of the box ideas for wedding decorations are mentioned below-

1. The wildflower glass hanging

People love to host and be a part of outdoor weddings. If you are in a mood to conduct a chill and hip outdoor wedding, then wildflower glass hangings are the must-have wedding decoration. It gives a country vibe, and people feel more connected to nature. The wildflowers capture the real beauty of nature. The wildflower glass hangings have a massive aesthetic appeal in outdoor weddings. For the evening or night weddings, couples can put lights along with the wildflowers in the glass hangings.

2. What’s the team bride and groom in seating arrangements?

The seating arrangement is often divided into team bride and team groom. So, there is minimal scope for spicing up the seating table arrangement. Couples can mix and match both sides or allow the guests to choose their seats. They can use quotes like “Pick a seat, not the sides- Love bride and groom” to send a clear message about the seating arrangement. Couples can reserve few seats for family, the next few for relatives, and remaining for the friends to maintain the order. 

3. Drinks on wheels

Instead of going for the regular drinks corners, couples can choose for the drinks van. The Volkswagon minibus is the best place for the drinks corner. Many people only invite family members to weddings, so they don’t need much alcohol. One doesn’t need to spend on the bar corner; they can have the drinks bus. It not only saves space but also functions as an excellent background for photos. Couples only need to use wildflower borders for decorating the bus or with lights and flowers for an evening wedding.

4. The initials peeking out through the flowers

Couples can opt for vintage alphabet letters for rent in Tulsa, OK, to give a rustic vibe to the wedding. They can hang the alphabet letters to the trees or set them in between the makeshift wildflower bushes. They also need to light up the alphabet letters for amplified effect. 

If there are some quotes or words that couples relate to the most, they can use the large light letters to display the quote. For example, Couples associate with the word Freebirds, then they can choose the large light-up letters for Rent in Tulsa, OK, to highlight the word at the wedding.

5. The magical carpet aisle

The carpet aisle is one of the smart hacks to save a good amount of money on decorations. If you want your wedding to have a rugged edge, carpets are the best option. The best thing about carpets is that you can spread mismatched carpets to cover the aisle. It is not essential to have the same pattern or the same color. You don’t have to align the carpets in a straight line. Couples only have to remember that the carpets need to be in dark colors or light colors, but they need to avoid mixing them. 

6. Ribbon it up

Ribbons are one of the unique wedding decorations for rent in Tulsa, OK. It is best suited for an outdoor wedding, especially on a beach or a forest. Many couples have dessert tents, photobooth tents, and chilling tents decorated using ribbons and flowers. The ceremony stage can also be decorated with ribbons.


Wedding decorations always need to define the couple’s personality as an individual and as married people. It is not essential to have a traditional and uptight wedding. Couples can let loose and choose boho, mystical forest, budget efficient, and creative decor.


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