Chainsaw Dogs: Canine Competitors or Cruelty Concerns?


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Most people can agree that dogs are some of the most lovable creatures in the world. But what if a dog could do something that no other animal could do? In recent news, a chainsaw-wielding dog has been making headlines and leaving audiences mesmerized with its impressive skills. This daring canine is not only able to handle a running chainsaw, but also complete circus-style tricks using the tool.

Definition and origin of chainsaw dog

Chainsaw dog is an act that combines a trained canine with a running chainsaw, as well as performing circus-style tricks. The act has been gaining popularity around the world, due to its unique and exciting nature. The origin of this act can be traced back to the early 2000s when a German Shepherd named “Fenrir” was trained to perform the stunt.

Popularity in pop culture

Chainsaw dog has gained immense popularity in popular culture, with videos of the impressive act going viral on the internet. The daring stunt has also been featured in television shows and movies, such as ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘The Meg’. In addition, many companies have created toys replicating the chainsaw dog act, which can be found in stores across the world. This increasing trend has made chainsaw dog one of the most popular acts in the world.

The Making of a Chainsaw Dog

Selecting the right dog breed

Selecting the right dog breed is essential for any successful chainsaw dog act. The ideal breed should be of medium size, have a strong and agile body, as well as a calm but confident temperament. Breeds that are often used for this purpose include German Shepherds, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. Potential owners should also consider their own experience level with training dogs before taking on this task.

Training the dog to use a chainsaw

Training a dog to use a chainsaw is no easy feat, and the process can take months or even years of hard work. The most important aspect of this training is safety and proper instruction. This includes teaching the dog how to handle the chainsaw in an appropriate manner, as well as how to react safely when exposed to loud noises.

Safety measures for both the dog and the trainer

Safety measures for both the dog and the trainer are of upmost importance when it comes to training a chainsaw dog. It is essential that the owner and/or trainer has a good understanding of the safety guidelines when handling a running chainsaw. The dog should also be fitted with protective gear, such as ear muffs, goggles, heavy-duty boots, and an overall body suit to protect it from any potential injuries.

Chainsaw dog competitions

Overview of the competition format

The Chainsaw Dog competition is an annual event that tests the skills and abilities of both the dog and its handler. The competition is divided into three main categories: speed, trickery, and accuracy. In each category, teams are required to complete a series of tasks in order to earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the competition is declared the winner. The tasks can range from simple tasks such as cutting a log in a specified time, to more complex tasks such as performing tricks with the chainsaw.

Judging criteria

The judging criteria for the Chainsaw Dog competition takes into account both the dog’s performance and its handler’s performance. The judges evaluate the speed, accuracy, and trickery of each team during their performances. They also take into consideration how well the handler is able to direct and control their canine partner. Safety is an additional factor that is taken into account when determining the winner.

Examples of popular chainsaw dog competitions around the world

Examples of popular chainsaw dog competitions around the world include the World Chainsaw Dog Challenge held in Germany, the United States Chainsaw Dog Championship in Texas and the Great British Chainsaw Dog Championships in England. The World Chainsaw Dog Challenge is an annual event that brings together some of the best canine performers from across the globe to compete for the title of ‘World’s Best Chainsaw Dog’.

Ethics and safety concerns

Potential harm to the dog and the trainer

Potential harm to the dog and the trainer is a major concern with chainsaw dog acts. If a handler or their dog are not properly trained, then there is a risk of serious injury. Additionally, if the proper safety measures are not taken, such as wearing protective gear or following safety guidelines when handling a running chainsaw, then the chances of harm increase significantly. It is important for both the trainer and the dog to be trained properly before attempting any chainsaw tricks.

PETA’s stance on chainsaw dogs

PETA is strongly opposed to the use of animals in chainsaw dog acts. They have voiced their opinion on multiple occasions and have been vocal about the potential harm that can be done to both the dog and the trainer. PETA believes that these acts are cruel and dangerous, as they can place unnecessary stress on the animal and can even lead to physical injury. The organization recommends that people look for more humane alternatives to support their local businesses and communities.

Alternative forms of entertainment that does not involve animals

Alternative forms of entertainment that don’t involve animals can be a great way to support local businesses and communities without causing harm to any living beings. Some popular alternatives include interactive theater performances, art exhibitions, live music events, and stand-up comedy shows. Additionally, there are many virtual events that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home such as online escape rooms or game nights. The possibilities are endless!


Chainsaw dog competitions are a great way to show off the bond between a handler and their canine partner, as well as the training and skill of both the handler and their dog. However, it is important to remember that these acts can be dangerous if safety guidelines are not followed and potential harm can come to both the handler and the animal. For those looking for a more humane alternative, there are plenty of other entertainment options that don’t involve animals.


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