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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Camp Trek: EBC's Complete Guide to Everest Trek

Camp Trek: EBC's Complete Guide to Everest Trek

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Tue, Jul 20, 21, 06:57, 3 Months ago
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 One of the best bucket rides in the world, Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. At the foot of the mountain, Mount Everest and other snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas can be reached in less than two weeks.

 The good news is that this is not a very difficult journey and the budget does not have to be large. EBC Trek alone is worth the effort, but you can also learn about the Himalayas of this world.

 This guide explains how to hike Everest Base Camp trek on your own (with or without a guide), with a recommended packing list and everything you need to know before you arrive.

 When to do EBC Trek

 If you first want to avoid the hassle of your own EBC Trek, Klook has a full 12-day trek from Everest Base Camp for as little as $ 900.

 After arriving in Kathmandu, you may find something more affordable, but booking online through an accredited travel company has some significant advantages, and the reviews on its website are very positive.​​

 Many tour groups from all over the world, we use Klook and they are great! highly recommended.

 March-May: peak season. The best weather, stable temperature and sunny, but you can squeeze on the trails. During these months, you can share the EBC route with professionals on the way to the summit of Mount Everest.

 The monsoon season runs from June to August. In the past few months, it rained more and most of the trails were empty.

 September-October: sunny and busy days and roads. This is one of the most popular seasons for hiking.

 November to February: The weather is cold, but dry and stable. Most of the roads are clear.

 Everest Base Camp Weather

 I went hiking in early February. Although the trail is good, it is cold at night and in the morning.

 In the winter in my hometown of Missouri, it may be cold, but it was never very cold. If I can go back and change it, I will definitely do my trek to Everest base camp later this season.

 The temperature at Everest Base Camp can be between 5 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) at night in winter, depending on the month of the month.

 In the warm months (March, May and September, October), cold is not a big problem and should not be difficult to deal with. Winter is another story. Winter is different. Your nose will freeze on Gorak Shep's nose.

 Nepal’s sunshine is the key to windy hikes. Fortunately, you should have plenty of sunshine for most of the time away from the moon. I often find myself throwing away all my clothes during a hike in February and warming up in the sun while hiking.

 If you hike Everest Base Camp in winter, the biggest problem is keeping you warm at night. For this, you definitely need a high-quality jacket and sleeping bag.

 EBC Trek Packing List/Equipment This is not a complete list. It lists all the items needed to hike to the Everest Base Camp. You may need to make some changes depending on the month you go, but these are some basic knowledge. Most of the equipment can be found in Kathmandu, but if you order online, IMO will provide you with higher quality and a greater variety of options.

 Beanie: I only wear it at night, but it warms my ears.

 Doudou:  Down Jacket: Bring the best DJ possible, the warmest. This is your best team. You can even use it as an additional protective cover at night.

 The only jacket you need to wear when you walk most days is a wool sweater.

·         T-Shirt: Use quick-drying fabric for comfort.

·         Pants: Light and breathable. Trekking pants.

·         Hot Wear: If you walk in the warmer months, it may not be necessary.

·         Gloves: I only wear them at night, but it does keep my hands warm.

·         Socks: Merino wool is best for warmth and moisture resistance.

·         headlight: smart enough to have a small, even if only.

·         Cup : 1 liter bottled water for daily hiking.

·         sunscreen: high altitude is easy to get sunburned. There are many vials.

·         is very suitable for snow: sunglasses. You may not have to hike up a mountain pass like Cho La.

·         Hat: I wear faithful old clothes during all walks.

·         Watch: it will be fun to play altimeter in this place.

·         Soccer: Soccer. You can't hike to Everest Base Camp without taking a lot of photos.

·         Powerbank-Take a large one and charge it once for the entire trip.



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