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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Best way to get your first freelance writing job

Best way to get your first freelance writing job

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Fri, Jul 2, 21, 13:54, 7 Months ago
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Whereas there is no job security at the same time as in a particular month, you can make up to four to five figures amount. Whereas in the next month you can earn only up to two to three figures amount.

When starting your first freelance writing job, you only need a yes from a person to prove your writing skills. However, if you are putting yourself out there and exposing the world that you are a writer, it can be exciting but dangerous at the same time.

Today biography writing services will tell you some of the means which are quite common as these means can help you to get connected with your first freelance writing client successfully. Some of these are pretty simple to use. However, there are some which are complex to use.

  1. Job Board:

This is an easy platform to quickly get your freelance writing client through a free job board. And the plus point of this platform is that you get to keep all the profit to yourself, unlike many available platforms where you can get excellent job opportunities, but they take a share from your hard-earned money. The freelance marketplace is also known as the job board. These are steps on how to get Freelance work writers as first the client posts their writing job or assignment in the marketplace. Then freelancer can bid on them those email or contact form, when you will be sending your email you would typically adding your samples, portfolio, and any other resource that you think is important for your you when you pitch the client. And finally, the client will select that freelancer that the client think has the best portfolio.

  1. Content Mills:

The second way to get your freelance writing client is through content mills like Fiverr, Upwork, and many website platforms. It is like the first example as the client will post the details regarding his project and the ghostwriters near me specification. The primary difference between a content mill and a job is that the client will pay to the content mill in a content mill, and then the content mill would pay you. The drawback of using a content mill platform is that they will always take a cut or commission for your earning.

  1. Cold Pitching:

Many of those who would be reading this would say that cold pitching is the best way among all of the ways to get your freelance writing client successfully. However, at the same time, it is the scariest among all the other options. Cold pitching separates an individual who earns $1000 per month and the other person who is earning up to $5000 per month. The reason behind this is that when you are cold pitching a client, you are calling or emailing your best client. You do not approach those clients who post jobs on job boards or content mills. When the client does not have enough work, you are stuck as you do not have any work to earn cash. Having freelance writing skills, here are just a freelance writer you can do cold calling. Start by sending out personalized emails to the companies or businesses that are related to your niche. Apart from this, you can search for a website for which you can write for them and think of ways to add value to their website. The things that you should include in your pitch are that what you write about, how you can help them, your sample or portfolio, and when you are ending the pitch, you must add your reply in quick possible would be appreciated.



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