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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Bedroom Vastu Tips

Bedroom Vastu Tips

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Wed, Jun 30, 21, 05:32, 7 Months ago
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While getting lost in the little things that seem so important, let us not forget the little things that mean so much for a happy living. It is all just the smallest things that make you happy. Staying positive is equally important as being positive. So, to be positive one needs to follow the Vastu shastra principles which have a major role that brings in the right kind of energy. The right kind of tips and ideas can be shared and executed by Top interior designers in Bangalore. Following things that are to be considered in main are,

  • First of all, the proper location of the bedroom
  • Proper direction of the bed
  • Windows are doors with proper treatment
  • The colour schemes and much more are to be highly concentrated and followed with the experts sharing their Vastu tips.

As we all know, the bedroom is the most happening room in the home. With the increase in fashion and style, there is always a belief in the Vastu Shastra, people always give importance to these ideas because there is always happiness and prosperity filled in home, it attracts positive energy, balances the harmony, very importantly strengthens the relationship of the family members, ensures peace and serene filled home.

The master bedroom must always be in the southwest direction. This is preferred as it offers stability where the family is always stable. The master of the home becomes always the best decision-maker of the family.

The sleeping direction will ensure you have a good sleep and it is always suitable to head towards the east or south direction.

The position of the bed to be maintained in the central part and not to touch the walls. There should not be any kind of furniture close to the bed. In case if the bedroom is smaller, then you have no option to be too cautious of these things but if it is spacious enough, well to follow the guidelines of the best interior designers who help you in suggesting the Vastu tips.

Wall decors, choose to opt for the right wall decors, it should be simple and minimal in design. These are the main aspect where you bring home a state of calmness. Choosing the auspicious and peaceful decors brings home luck and good vibes.

Experts always say, avoid TV’s, laptops. It is not that easy to avoid these gadgets in the bedroom, as we all know that home office is now being a recent trend and people prefer to opt the bedroom for home office space but until it is really necessary, it is better to avoid gadgets.

Mirror placements are one important element in the bedroom, but to be placed in the right space. The mirrors should not be placed right at the front of you as it should not reflect you body part which in turn creates a negative impact.

Apart from these simple tips, there are many such important ideas for Vastu including, the door facing in the right direction, the door should open at 90 degrees and there should not be any unpleasing sound while opening and closing the door and much more. Contacting the Best interior designers in Bangalore is the best option for creating a home filled with positive energy.



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